Canada’s Unfinished Mandate

“We can only hope that Somalia represents the nadir of the fortunes of the Canadian Forces. There seems to be little room to slide lower. One thing is certain, however: left uncorrected, the problems that surfaced in the desert in Somalia and in the boardrooms at National Defense Headquarters will continue to spawn military ignominy. … Continue reading “Canada’s Unfinished Mandate”

Thinking Outside the Herd

You’d like to think that some buffalo at the back of the herd, following all those thundering bulls with balls, Jonathan Livingston Buffalo maybe, is thinking, in response to the shrieking of crazed humans:  "Wait a minuteā€¦" OK, so we’re having elections up here in Canada like we’re rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We’re … Continue reading “Thinking Outside the Herd”

Canada Copies US Customs

Ironically, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was traveling to the United States to promote his latest film about post-9/11 racial profiling when he was detained upon entry into the country at Newark’s Liberty (another irony) International Airport. U.S. officials denied that Khan was formally detained, but his interrogation lasted more than an hour. The outraged … Continue reading “Canada Copies US Customs”

Extremist Jihadist Islamist Terrorist

"Recalling the relevant international counter-terrorism conventions and in particular the obligations of parties to those conventions to extradite or prosecute terroristsā€¦" – United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267 [.pdf], Oct. 15, 1999 In the informed debate of the last 10 years regarding "terrorism," there’s a missing acronym to define this dreadful new menace, a menace … Continue reading “Extremist Jihadist Islamist Terrorist”

Americanada? No Thanks

“The way to get the Americans to trust the border is to give them confidence that both countries have the will and ability to protect it. “The security leg of this agreement, then, would include common rules for accepting refugees, joint inspection of containers leaving international destinations en route to either country, and an integrated … Continue reading “Americanada? No Thanks”