Trump Stumps for ISIS

Since ISIS rose to conquest in Syria and Iraq, then turning its deadly attention westward, it (with the help of its government and media accomplices) has unleashed a fresh flood of terror, which the people of the West have, unresisting, let wash over them. In America, Donald Trump has tapped that terror to fuel the … Continue reading “Trump Stumps for ISIS”

Stop Helping ISIS in Its War on the ‘Gray Zone’

What were Islamist terrorists trying to accomplish when they attacked Paris on Friday, killing over 120 French civilians? A growing number of analysts now agree with Juan Cole’s theory about the extremists’ strategy in France, which he raised after the the Charlie Hebdo attacks, writing: “The problem for a terrorist group like al-Qaeda is that its … Continue reading “Stop Helping ISIS in Its War on the ‘Gray Zone’”

The US Government’s Not-So-Secret Support for Al Qaeda and ISIS

“9/11: Never forget,” the tee-shirts insisted. “Have you forgotten how it felt that day?” the country crooner warbled. “September 11th… global terrorism!” the candidate for President of 9/11, Rudolph Giuliani, endlessly repeated. To this day we are bombarded with such reminders whenever reductions of the swollen national security state are proposed and need to be fended off with … Continue reading “The US Government’s Not-So-Secret Support for Al Qaeda and ISIS”

National Security by the Numbers

It is inevitable that every time there is an incident that can be attributed to terrorism, no matter what the circumstances, the cry will go up to unleash the police and intelligence services lest there be a recurrence of the event. The Boston Marathon bombing has consequently produced calls for “total Internet surveillance” by the … Continue reading “National Security by the Numbers”

Liberty in the Age of Terrorism

The Boston Marathon bombing, horrific in and of itself, is made far worse by our response to it. For one thing, hate is on the march. Listen here to the conversation between a Washington, D.C. cabbie – a Muslim from Somalia – and his crazed passenger, who rants that the Koran mandates death for unbelievers … Continue reading “Liberty in the Age of Terrorism”

Government Response to Terrorism Needs to Be Dialed Down

The bomb attack on innocent civilians and subsequent shooting of two law enforcement officials was a reprehensible act of terrorism, but the saturation media coverage and resulting societal frenzy is unwarranted and actually harmful. Apparently, the lone surviving terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, told the FBI, before receiving notice of his Miranda rights, that he and his … Continue reading “Government Response to Terrorism Needs to Be Dialed Down”

Where Is the Domestic Jihad?

In what papers are calling “one of the most startling and potentially serious cases of an anti-government militia to be brought before the courts in recent years,” three U.S. soldiers have been arraigned for murder and may get the death penalty, stemming from charges they amassed an arsenal, plotted several domestic terror attacks, and killed … Continue reading “Where Is the Domestic Jihad?”

Police Case for Iranian Bomb Plot Based on Tainted Evidence

In the three-part series “The Delhi Car Bombing: How the Police Built a False Case,” award-winning investigative journalist Gareth Porter dissects the Delhi police accusation against an Indian journalist and four Iranians of involvement in the Feb. 13 bombing of an Israeli embassy car. The “Special Cell” of the Delhi police has identified an Iranian, … Continue reading “Police Case for Iranian Bomb Plot Based on Tainted Evidence”

Terrorism Arithmetic

The most recent issue of the National Counter Terrorism Center’s annual Report on Terrorism [.pdf] came out last week, covering the year 2011. I would like to say that it is well worth a read, but actually it is quite tedious. For those who are interested, it is essentially a statistical and analytical breakdown of … Continue reading “Terrorism Arithmetic”

What’s Behind the Second Underwear Bombing Attempt?

The foiling of the second attempt by Yemeni terrorists to blow their underwear and any airplane near them to smithereens has led to praise for an American government that motivated the plot in the first place. Ever since the barbaric attacks of 9/11, the American public, thirsting for revenge, has reflexively approved of any military … Continue reading “What’s Behind the Second Underwear Bombing Attempt?”