Iraq’s Border Woes Continue As Iran Resumes Shelling And Kuwait Detains Fishermen

Although violence was fairly light today, an escalating border situation involving Iran and Kuwait could spell increasing woes for Iraq. Frustrated Iranian forces resumed cross-border shelling of Iraqi Kurdistan, resulting in the death of one civilian. And, Kuwait detained 11 fisherman who may have strayed into Kuwaiti waters. Overall, eight Iraqis were killed in new violence. Another 20 were injured in what may have been chlorine gas attack.

10 Iraqis Killed and 35 Wounded As US Officials Admit Their Own Air Strikes

At least 10 Iraqis were killed and 35 more wounded as Turkey, Iran and the United States reported carrying out air strikes and shelling against militants in Iraq.

Living in the 51st State (of Denial)

[Note for TomDispatch Readers: In recent years, this Web site has had a fine record when it comes to college commencement addresses, in part because I have a fondness for the form at its best, and in part because I think we should all have a chance to graduate into our world, whatever our ages. … Continue reading “Living in the 51st State (of Denial)”

Friday: 1 US Soldier Killed In Iraq

Due to the Eid al-Adha and Thanksgiving holidays, attack reports are scant. No Iraqi casualties were reported but a U.S. soldier died of non-combat injuries. Meanwhile, hundreds of Iraqis spent the day mourning Saddam Hussein, who was executed on the first day of the Eid in 2006.

Iranians Keen on Improved Ties With US

More than three out of every four Iranian citizens favor improved relations with the United States, according to a major survey [.pdf] conducted less than one month before this Friday’s presidential elections in Iran by a U.S. non-governmental organization, Terror Free Tomorrow (TFT). Just over half (52 percent) of the pool of 1,001 respondents also … Continue reading “Iranians Keen on Improved Ties With US”

Americanada? No Thanks

“The way to get the Americans to trust the border is to give them confidence that both countries have the will and ability to protect it. “The security leg of this agreement, then, would include common rules for accepting refugees, joint inspection of containers leaving international destinations en route to either country, and an integrated … Continue reading “Americanada? No Thanks”