A Peace Platform?

The closeness of the U.S. presidential vote suggests strongly that the next president will have very little even resembling a mandate to conduct foreign affairs. That lack of a mandate might prove a blessing if it is used to reassess current commitments and announce prudent steps to reduce US vulnerability to violence and conflict in … Continue reading “A Peace Platform?”

Chalmers Johnson on an ‘Ersatz Roman Empire’

CHALMERS JOHNSON AS SEEN IN THE ‘MIRROR’ One of the few benefits of wasting most of a day in airports is that one can at least catch up on the foreign press, while drinking bad coffee and eating overpriced food. Thus it was that I found an interesting interview with Chalmers Johnson in the German … Continue reading “Chalmers Johnson on an ‘Ersatz Roman Empire’”

Close Presidential Race: Cause for Revolution?

Watching last night the incredibly tight race for the White House inevitably lead me to recall another close presidential race: the one that took place in Yugoslavia just over a month ago. The outcome of that election and events that ensued in Belgrade are generally described as a “Democratic Revolution.” It was a “revolution,” albeit … Continue reading “Close Presidential Race: Cause for Revolution?”

Undermining the Empire

Presidents, prime ministers and/or high public officials from Russia, China, Germany, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, the European Union, Turkey and Indonesia were almost as red-faced as the network anchors were (or should have been) over the shifting projections that seemed to give the U.S. presidential election to Bush and Gore and back to too-close-to-call … Continue reading “Undermining the Empire”

Random Thoughts on Nationalism

NATIONALISM AS SCAPEGOAT There is a widely accepted reading of recent history which puts the blame for such disasters as World Wars I and II squarely on the shoulders of nationalism. This might be true and it might not. It is convenient for some because it removes blame from a certain murderous internationalist ideology, which … Continue reading “Random Thoughts on Nationalism”

Colombia Ignored in Campaign

With the troubles in the Middle East consuming so much of the media’s short attention span (destroying any semblance of belief that the West can impose a "peace process" on the area but hardly destroying diplomatic delusions) hardly any attention is being paid to Colombia. The Republicans (with the honorable exception of Rep. Tom Campbell, … Continue reading “Colombia Ignored in Campaign”

Was There ‘Revolution’ in the American Revolution?

‘THE PATRIOT’ While Mel Gibson’s recent film still remains in the public mind, it might be good to look at a few issues it raises. The first is the "kids with guns!" problem so dear to a number of reviewers. All I can say to this is that young men probably matured earlier in the … Continue reading “Was There ‘Revolution’ in the American Revolution?”

Serbia and the Grand American Strategy

The election of Vojislav Kostunica as the new president of the Yugoslav federation will undoubtedly present the citizens and political elites of Yugoslavia with an opportunity to re-conceptualize and re-articulate the political relations that define the current common state between Serbia and Montenegro. Concurrently, the new president will be confronted with many difficult obstacles in … Continue reading “Serbia and the Grand American Strategy”

Another Missed Opportunity?

This is being written before this week’s presidential debate, but I suspect it is not high-risk prognostication to suggest that the major-party candidates will sidestep this opportunity determinedly, if not necessarily with agility. Events in the Middle East over the past several weeks could open up the possibility of a thoroughgoing discussion of the unnecessary … Continue reading “Another Missed Opportunity?”