Tel Aviv’s Man in Washington

In a city awash in foreign interests, dual citizens, and intersecting and at times conflicting loyalties, sometimes the most egregious examples are hiding in plain sight. While largely complicit in the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ that dictates, among many other things, that we never ever mention that the Long Island-raised editor of the once venerable Atlantic magazine … Continue reading “Tel Aviv’s Man in Washington”

Israel’s Other War: Ethnic Cleansing in the South Caucasus

YEREVAN – Over the past month, legacy and social media have been saturated with reports of the Netanyahu regime’s war on Gaza, which is being met with growing calls from the international community to invoke the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Less known, however, is the role the Israeli government has played … Continue reading “Israel’s Other War: Ethnic Cleansing in the South Caucasus”

US Foreign Policy Has Come Full Circle

Surveying the wreckage US foreign policy has wrought from the privileged and comfortable vantage point of Washington, DC, should prompt the surveyor to wonder when exactly did things go so wrong?  Any reasonable list of dates might include April 12, 1945 as the point at which the US began its decades long journey away from reality and onto … Continue reading “US Foreign Policy Has Come Full Circle”

Kurt Campbell: The Lobbyist As Diplomat

Last week, President Joe Biden (D-Israel) announced he would be nominating longtime Democratic foreign policy fixture Kurt Campbell to become deputy secretary of state, the number two position in the department. Restrainers might be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief that the acting deputy secretary, Victoria Nuland, didn’t get the nod, as many expected. … Continue reading “Kurt Campbell: The Lobbyist As Diplomat”

A Syria ‘No-fly Zone’ and Just War Theory

Now that the White House has come to the conclusion that Bashar al-Assad has indeed employed chemical weapons on a small scale against the Syrian opposition, the questions over what to do next have taken on ever greater urgency. Speaking to CNN recently, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), said that "we should be able to establish … Continue reading “A Syria ‘No-fly Zone’ and Just War Theory”