Western Hypocrisy and the Russian Election

Vladimir Putin wasn’t the only one with tears in his eyes as he exulted in his presidential election victory and shouted “Glory to Russia!” The entire American punditocracy, to say nothing of the Brits, responded as one with accusations the election had been fixed, confidently predicting a “crackdown” on “dissent” as the Russian leader resumed … Continue reading “Western Hypocrisy and the Russian Election”

Quit Preaching and Lead by Example

After Russia’s parliamentary election, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly advocated “a full investigation of all credible reports of electoral fraud and manipulation.” She then asserted, “The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted.” Needless to say, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was not … Continue reading “Quit Preaching and Lead by Example”

Do the Republicans Ever Learn?

In August 2008, as the world’s leaders gathered in Beijing for the Olympic games, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, hot-headed and erratic, made his gamble for greatness. It began with a stunning artillery barrage on Tskhinvali, capital of tiny South Ossetia, a province that had broken free of Tbilisi when Tbilisi broke free of Russia. As … Continue reading “Do the Republicans Ever Learn?”

US Arms Bahrain While Decrying Russian Weapons in Syria

Peeved at Russia’s Security Council veto derailing a Western-sponsored resolution against Syria last week, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice implicitly accused the Russians of protecting the beleaguered government of President Bashar al-Assad primarily to safeguard their lucrative arms market in the Middle Eastern country. But around the same time, the United States was evaluating a $53 … Continue reading “US Arms Bahrain While Decrying Russian Weapons in Syria”

Why Are We Baiting the Bear?

Is the Senate trying to reignite the Cold War? If so, it is going about it the right way. Before departing for a five-week vacation, the Senate voted to declare Abkhazia and South Ossetia to be provinces of Georgia illegally occupied by Russian troops who must get out and return to Russia. The Senate voice … Continue reading “Why Are We Baiting the Bear?”

Russia, China Shield Syria from Possible UN Sanctions 

A resolution inspired by Western nations critical of civilian killings in politically-beleaguered Syria is facing threats from two veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council: Russia and China. If and when the resolution is adopted by the 15-member Council, perhaps next week, it will be diluted to avoid the customary call for economic or military … Continue reading “Russia, China Shield Syria from Possible UN Sanctions “

Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering

Although with the new treaty reducing deployed long-range strategic missiles (New START), an agreement on nuclear cooperation, and an arrangement to transport supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan through Russia, U.S.-Russian relations are on the upswing, there is much more to be done. And Russian proposals should be taken seriously, because they might also serve … Continue reading “Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering”