Two Simple Rules

One of the (few) articles of faith of those calling themselves “progressives” is that the changes they seek to impose are inevitable and irreversible, and that opposition to them is but a futile attempt to “turn back the clock.” Yet more often than not, this is precisely what their own actions amount to, and the … Continue reading “Two Simple Rules”

Falling Towards Entropy

Stubborn Balkans Realities “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” wrote a French columnist back in 1849 – but the witticism applies just as well in 2012. Recall, for example, that Barack Obama became Emperor in 2008 by promising Hope and Change, only to embrace continuity instead. His challenger this year campaigned … Continue reading “Falling Towards Entropy”

Welcome to the Balkan Propaganda Machine

Some of the most salient events of the past 20 years were the NATO interventions in the Balkans, notably in Bosnia in 1995 and Kosovo in 1999. These interventions were crucial in reviving the importance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an organization that previously had been seen as a Cold War anachronism, destined to … Continue reading “Welcome to the Balkan Propaganda Machine”