A Most Stubborn Reality

Glitches in Empire’s Matrix In the virtual reality concocted by the Empire, the lynching of Moammar Gadhafi was a splendid victory for NATO. Never mind now that it was the “transitional rebels” who were supposed to be fighting the “kinetic military action” in Libya — or any such inconvenient details. No, insist the Imperial partisans, … Continue reading “A Most Stubborn Reality”

Occupations, Faux and Real

To an observer of Balkans affairs, it is impossible to watch any sort of popular protest anywhere in the world, and not think of October 5, 2000. That was the day the Empire-supported "democratic opposition" in Serbia orchestrated a coup and ousted from power Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic (dismantling Yugoslavia itself soon thereafter). The coup was … Continue reading “Occupations, Faux and Real”

Conjuring the Black Hat

In the afternoon hours of May 26, the president of Serbia called a surprise press conference to announce, in Boratesque English, the arrest of General Ratko Mladic, wartime commander of Bosnian Serb forces. Entirely by coincidence, or so President Tadic’s crack team of spin-masters would have everyone believe, this happened on the very day EU’s foreign policy … Continue reading “Conjuring the Black Hat”