After Me, the Jihad

Before the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror, Louis XV predicted, “After me, the Deluge.” Before being overthrown, Libya’s secular dictator tried to warn the West of a new Reign of Terror, essentially foretelling, “After me, the Jihad.” This was disclosed with the recent release of phone conversations from early 2011 between Muammar Gaddafi and former … Continue reading “After Me, the Jihad”

Clinton Revives Dubious Charge of ‘Covert’ Iranian Nuclear Site

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s charge Tuesday that Iran had intended to keep the Fordow site secret until it was revealed by Western intelligence revived a claim the Barack Obama administration made in September 2009.Clinton said Iran “only declared the Qom facility to the IAEA after it was discovered by the international community … Continue reading “Clinton Revives Dubious Charge of ‘Covert’ Iranian Nuclear Site”

Quit Preaching and Lead by Example

After Russia’s parliamentary election, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly advocated “a full investigation of all credible reports of electoral fraud and manipulation.” She then asserted, “The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted.” Needless to say, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was not … Continue reading “Quit Preaching and Lead by Example”

US Concern for Rights Conspicuously Absent in Bahrain

It is becoming painfully obvious that the United States is hostile to the “Arab Spring.” In Egypt, U.S. military aid programs remain in force, and in Yemen a “secret” U.S. war may be in the offing. In the United Arab Emirates plans may be afoot to develop a for-profit rapid reaction force (to crackdown, surely, … Continue reading “US Concern for Rights Conspicuously Absent in Bahrain”

Libya’s Slippery Slope

Barely 24 hours after the first Allied air strikes, President Obama’s high-flying Libyan adventure is losing altitude. The smoke hadn’t cleared from the first air strikes when the head of the Arab League complained that “what happened differs from the no-fly zone objectives. What we want is civilians’ protection, not shelling more civilians.” Russia and … Continue reading “Libya’s Slippery Slope”

American Policy on the Brink

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently took a four-day tour of the Middle East, at each stop telling various allies and enemies, in classic American fashion, what they must do. And yet as she spoke, events in Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, and even Egypt seemed to spin ever more out of American control. Meanwhile, the regime … Continue reading “American Policy on the Brink”

Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values

Western Civilization no longer upholds the values it proclaims, so what is the basis for its claim to virtue? For example, the U.S. print and TV media and the U.S. government have made it completely clear that they have no regard for the First Amendment. Consider CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s reaction to the leaked diplomatic cables … Continue reading “Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values”