Clinton Seeks ‘Multi-Partner World,’ Warns Iran on Time

In her first comprehensive policy address since becoming secretary of state nearly six months ago, Hillary Clinton Wednesday called for a "multi-partner” — as opposed to a "multi-polar" — world" and defended President Barack Obama’s policy of engagement with adversaries, including Iran. But she also warned Tehran that time is growing short for it to … Continue reading “Clinton Seeks ‘Multi-Partner World,’ Warns Iran on Time”

Back to the Balkans

A story I read years ago culminated with the protagonist holed up in a cheap hotel in the Balkans, listening unwillingly through the paper-thin wall as the man in the room next door beat his wife. As he pummeled her, she cried again and again, "Balkan! Balkan!" "Balkan," it seems, may be a term of … Continue reading “Back to the Balkans”