The Neocon Hunger for Universal Empire

When Bill Kristol watches Star Wars movies, he roots for the Galactic Empire. The leading neocon recently caused a social media disturbance in the Force when he tweeted this predilection for the Dark Side following the debut of the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Kristol sees the Empire as basically a galaxy-wide … Continue reading “The Neocon Hunger for Universal Empire”

Kristol Clear

It has been noted ironically by Justin Raimondo at antiwar and also by Scott McConnell over at The American Conservative how the neoconservative dominated American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus, which sees Chechens and other Central Asian Muslim militants as “freedom fighters” against Russian rule, exists side by side with other organizations like the … Continue reading “Kristol Clear”

Blowback in Benghazi?

The murder of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other US diplomats at the hands of rioters probably wasn’t just another case of Islamists-gone-wild. The circumstances surrounding this horrific incident — the riot was in reaction to a “film” supposedly made by a mysterious Israeli-American director under what is probably a pseudonym — … Continue reading “Blowback in Benghazi?”

Grover Norquist Takes On the War Party

Grover Norquist is a bit of a punching bag for both the Hollywood–DC left and the neoconservative right. On the left, he’s often held up as an example of everything that’s supposedly wrong with the conservative movement and the GOP: his “no tax hike” pledge is excoriated by the Huffingtonpost–MSNBC–TPM axis of Obamaism as typical … Continue reading “Grover Norquist Takes On the War Party”

Jason Ditz vs. Richard Perle Debate Drones in Pakistan

This week BBC hosted a short debate between our news editor Jason Ditz and prominent neocon Richard Perle, on the subject of drone strikes in Pakistan. To listen to the audio, click here. Below is the transcript: Host: Now last night we were reporting a US drone strike in Pakistan had killed Al-Qaeda’s second in … Continue reading “Jason Ditz vs. Richard Perle Debate Drones in Pakistan”

Switching Focus from Iraq to Iran

You might think that by now I would be so used to infuriating neocon drivel that, to preserve my own sanity, I would avoid looking at The Washington Post, or at least its editorial pages. I have tried. But it seems that after almost a half century in Washington, and particularly after the recent rash … Continue reading “Switching Focus from Iraq to Iran”

Why al-Qaeda Won

With the 10th anniversary of the crime that was 9/11, the question inevitably crops up: Who won, the United States or al-Qaeda? According to the politically correct answer, although al-Qaeda has been decimated, it has been a Pyrrhic victory for Washington. In defeating al-Qaeda, the U.S. government engaged in many unnecessary violations of human rights … Continue reading “Why al-Qaeda Won”