Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering

Although with the new treaty reducing deployed long-range strategic missiles (New START), an agreement on nuclear cooperation, and an arrangement to transport supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan through Russia, U.S.-Russian relations are on the upswing, there is much more to be done. And Russian proposals should be taken seriously, because they might also serve … Continue reading “Russian Arms Control Proposals Worth Considering”

The NATO Nuisance

Large and firmly implanted bureaucratic organizations are almost impossible to kill, even when they have no reason to continue to exist, as NATO has not since the Soviet Union, communism, and the Warsaw Pact all collapsed. There is no equivalent to driving a stake into the heart of a bureaucracy, whose impulse to live is … Continue reading “The NATO Nuisance”

Obama Needs to Expand on His Good Instincts in Foreign Policy

Although the tentacles of Baracktopus have slithered into as many parts of American life as those of his "big government Republican" predecessor, Obama does seem to have much better instincts in foreign policy than George W. Bush. But lest that be seen as damning by faint praise, let’s just say that Obama, like the Washington … Continue reading “Obama Needs to Expand on His Good Instincts in Foreign Policy”

Polish Missile Joke Revisited

This Polish missile-defense system walks into a bar at noon and says, "Give me six shots of vodka." "How can you afford to get drunk in the middle of a business day?" the bartender asks. "Easy," the Polish missile-defense system replies. "I don’t work." There’s a good reason nobody ever accused John McCain of being … Continue reading “Polish Missile Joke Revisited”