Hamas-Fatah Violence May Derail Reconciliation

RAMALLAH – Egyptian mediators have set July 7 as deadline for final Palestinian reconciliation talks in Cairo. The Egyptians say time is running out, and if there is no progress in July, they will no longer be prepared to arbitrate. Continued political detention and abuse of Palestinian prisoners by Hamas in Gaza and by the … Continue reading “Hamas-Fatah Violence May Derail Reconciliation”

Empty Evidence

At the end of a hectic week at Guantánamo, which saw the Obama administration overcome its previous inability to release prisoners (just two were released from January to May), it was announced that, following the release of four Uighurs to Bermuda, the return of Guantánamo’s youngest prisoner, Mohammed El-Gharani, to Chad, and the repatriation of … Continue reading “Empty Evidence”

Israel Cracks Down on Minority Rights

RAMALLAH – Three bills recently making the rounds in the Israeli parliament have caused outrage among Israel’s Arab minority. "They reveal an obscene and dangerous targeting of the individual and collective rights of Palestinian citizens," the independent BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights in Israel said in a press release. One bill … Continue reading “Israel Cracks Down on Minority Rights”

Israel Threatens to Outlaw Palestinian Memory

JERUSALEM – Israel is set to approve a radical new bill that threatens to legalize discrimination against its sizable Arab minority for the first time. The bill, approved this week by the ministerial committee for legislation, would make it illegal to relate to the creation of the state of Israel on May 15, 1948, as … Continue reading “Israel Threatens to Outlaw Palestinian Memory”

The Chimera of Total Security

"No one can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices." – Edward R. Murrow Let’s talk about the next terrorist attack. We cannot know what form it will take, where it will occur, or what the casualty count will be. But one thing we do know: we know we’ll be told it … Continue reading “The Chimera of Total Security”