Excusing Torture at ‘Justice’

On Sunday, I attended an informal talk given in a parish hall by the Justice Department’s Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for civil rights. His topic: “The way his work for justice is defined by his faith.” During the Q&A after his talk, I had a chance to pose some questions: Question: “Thanks, Tom, for … Continue reading “Excusing Torture at ‘Justice’”

Justice Department’s History Not Worth Celebrating

Statement on H. Res. 1422, made June 24, 2010. Madam Speaker, the House of Representatives recently considered H. Res. 1422, honoring the 140th anniversary of the Department of Justice. I voted against this resolution because of the Justice Department’s history of violating individual rights. It is the Justice Department that leads the ongoing violations of … Continue reading “Justice Department’s History Not Worth Celebrating”

Lawyers’ Group Targets Torture Memo Author

Lawyers who reject President Barack Obama’s decision not to seek prosecution of officials who may have participated in the torture of terror-suspect prisoners are seeking justice through another avenue: Sanctions against government lawyers who created the "enhanced interrogation" policies of former President George W. Bush. Their first target is former Defense Department General Counsel William … Continue reading “Lawyers’ Group Targets Torture Memo Author”