Gazans Punished Again for Others’ Crimes

With more restrictions placed on the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, and access to the Palestinian territory’s smuggling tunnels increasingly blocked, human rights groups say Gaza’s 1.6 million residents are unfairly being punished for the attack on an Egyptian military base in Sinai. “Until now, there are no names of anybody from Gaza … Continue reading “Gazans Punished Again for Others’ Crimes”

Tel Aviv ‘Race Riots’ Reveal Much About Israel

The “race riots” in Tel Aviv last week — a mass demonstration that turned into a pogrom against about 60,000 asylum seekers, an overwhelming majority of them from Eritrea, the rest mostly from Sudan (Darfur and South Sudan) and a few other African countries — gives a revealing glimpse into Israeli realities under the current … Continue reading “Tel Aviv ‘Race Riots’ Reveal Much About Israel”

A Tipping Point for Israel

A tipping point is where physical momentum, inclined in one direction, reverses its course, stabilizes, and then begins to move the opposite way. Those of us who have been arguing for a sane United States foreign policy in the Middle East have well understood that the odds on shifting the prevailing narrative have been heavily … Continue reading “A Tipping Point for Israel”

Thou Shalt Not Kill (Thyself)

After the founding of Israel, God appeared to David Ben-Gurion and told him: “You have created a state for my chosen people in my holy land. This merits a great reward. Tell me what you wish, and I will grant it.” Ben-Gurion answered: “Almighty God, I wish that every person in Israel shall be wise, … Continue reading “Thou Shalt Not Kill (Thyself)”

The Duke of Nablus

The name of Munib al-Masri has recently come up as a possible candidate for prime minister of a Palestinian national unity government. Not being a member of either Fatah or Hamas, he is acceptable to both. Al-Masri himself denies any such ambition. He says that he is too old (77) and that a younger generation … Continue reading “The Duke of Nablus”

Support Today’s Freedom Riders

Fifty years ago, Freedom Riders braved beatings and arson by supremacists intent on maintaining apartheid in the Jim Crow South. By challenging segregated transportation through nonviolent action, these African American and white activists set in motion a process that ultimately dismantled segregation. While the struggle for racial justice continues, at least this shameful chapter of … Continue reading “Support Today’s Freedom Riders”

Everybody’s Son

The most sensible — I almost wrote “the only sensible” — sentence uttered this week sprang from the lips of a 5-year-old boy. After the prisoner swap, one of those smart-aleck TV reporters asked him: “Why did we release 1,027 Arabs for one Israeli soldier?” He expected, of course, the usual answer: because one Israeli … Continue reading “Everybody’s Son”

Israeli Settlers Continue ‘Price-Tag’ Rampage

JERUSALEM — “On Saturday, we as a nation atoned for our sins. I as a Jew feel ashamed of myself. I’m asking for forgiveness,” declared Ron Hulday, mayor of this mixed city, immediately at the closing of the Day of Atonement. As Jews fasted and prayed to amend for their past behavior, vandals, presumably Jewish, … Continue reading “Israeli Settlers Continue ‘Price-Tag’ Rampage”

Israeli Video Games in Gaza

He looks at the camera with bright eyes and the beginning of a smile, wearing a miniature dark blue zipper sweatshirt, the cuffs folded up a bit to make it fit. I can imagine his mother dressing him that morning, making sure he would be warm enough. I wonder if she’s the one who took … Continue reading “Israeli Video Games in Gaza”

Palestinian Prisoners Languish in Administrative Detention

RAMALLAH — “I’m sick with worry about my daughter. I’m afraid of what they are doing to her. She has done nothing to deserve this. If they have anything against her, why don’t they bring her to trial?” Yehiya Al Shalabi asked IPS rhetorically. Hana Al Shalabi, 27, Yehiya’s daughter, has been languishing in Israeli … Continue reading “Palestinian Prisoners Languish in Administrative Detention”