Gazans Dying to Enter Israel

Israel’s crippling blockade of the coastal territory of Gaza is pushing desperate young Palestinians to ever more extreme measures in the search for livelihoods, despite an agreement granting Gazans greater access to their agricultural land. In search of work, some Gazans try to enter Israel by jumping the fence that separates it from Gaza. Others … Continue reading “Gazans Dying to Enter Israel”

Ceasefire Means Nothing to Gaza Fishers

GAZA CITY — Shortly after Israel and Hamas signed a ceasefire agreement on Nov. 21, the Israeli navy abducted 30 Palestinian fishers from Gaza’s waters, destroyed and sank a Palestinian fishing vessel, and confiscated nine fishing boats in the space of four days. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) reported that fourteen fishers from … Continue reading “Ceasefire Means Nothing to Gaza Fishers”

The Struggle for Land Rights Near the Gaza Border

GAZA CITY — Yesterday in al-Faraheen, Gaza, Israeli Occupation Forces shot and wounded an unarmed 22-year-old farmer, Mohammed Qdeih, from behind. Mohammed and nine others went out to their fields in the early afternoon, walking approximately 250 meters from the Israeli border. Within minutes, two heavily armed Israeli military jeeps rushed to the security fence. … Continue reading “The Struggle for Land Rights Near the Gaza Border”

The Civilian Toll of Israel’s Bombs

GAZA CITY — When Israeli bombs struck the Abu Khadra complex for civil administration, they also gutted the sixth floor of the Abu Shabaan complex, located 10 meters across the road. According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), eight Israeli warplane-fired bombs leveled roughly half of the government compound in eastern Gaza City … Continue reading “The Civilian Toll of Israel’s Bombs”

Hitham’s Tale

Just weeks ago, Gazans were pummeled once again by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). With its mighty arsenal of drones, fighter jets, and cruise missiles, the IDF is the most powerful military machine in the region. Its capability is further augmented by steadfast support from the only superpower in the world. Hamas’s most potent weapons … Continue reading “Hitham’s Tale”

Left Speechless: Doctors and Medics Operate Under Fire and Siege in Gaza

GAZA CITY — Dr. Majdi Na’eim worked for eight consecutive days at Al-Shifa Hospital throughout Israel’s “Pillar of Cloud” operation in the Gaza strip. With hundreds of wounded pouring into the emergency room, there was no time for him and many of his colleagues to even leave the hospital. On the final and one of … Continue reading “Left Speechless: Doctors and Medics Operate Under Fire and Siege in Gaza”

Israeli Soldiers Fail to Cease Firing

ABASSAN, Gaza Strip — “It was the first day of the ceasefire. An Israeli soldier shot once in the air and within seconds shot me in the leg. He was only a few meters away.” Haithem Abu Dagga, 26, an electrician and farm laborer, will not be able to work for as many months as … Continue reading “Israeli Soldiers Fail to Cease Firing”

Children Face the Fallout of Gaza War

GAZA CITY — As Israel and Hamas separately celebrate the ceasefire and their “victory” over the other following Israel’s blistering eight-day military assault on the Gaza strip, civilians continue to pay the price. According to the Palestine Center for Human Rights (PCHR), more than 160 Palestinians lost their lives by Nov. 21, the last day … Continue reading “Children Face the Fallout of Gaza War”

Israel’s Crumbling Pillar of ‘Defense’

The big news this Thanksgiving holiday is the announcement of the Gaza ceasefire. Will it last beyond the time you’re eating desert and trying to recover from a massive Tryptophane overdose? Don’t be so sure…. The reason for this uncertainty is because Hamas comes out the winner, on all fronts, and Netanyahu just as clearly … Continue reading “Israel’s Crumbling Pillar of ‘Defense’”