There’s No Good Reason To Stay in Syria

Back in December 2018, President Trump announced he would be withdrawing US troops from Syria. The establishment came out in full force to squash this idea. Trump was attacked by Democrats, Republicans and just about all the talking heads and pundits of the mainstream media. The most common argument was that we would be leaving … Continue reading “There’s No Good Reason To Stay in Syria”

Biden Is Doubling Down on Iraq War Lies

For the second consecutive Democratic debate, Joe Biden has failed to come to terms about his critical role in supporting the illegal, unnecessary, and predictably disastrous U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. There is nothing new about this. Biden has a long history of inaccurate claims regarding that oil-rich country. For example, in the lead-up … Continue reading “Biden Is Doubling Down on Iraq War Lies”

Canada’s Trudeau Ignores Threat of Nuclear Annihilation

Justin Trudeau presents himself as "progressive" on foreign affairs. The Liberals claim to have brought Canada "back" after the disastrous Harper Conservatives. But their nuclear weapons policy demonstrates the emptiness of this rhetoric. Reducing the chance nuclear weapons are used again should be a priority for any "progressive" government. But, powerful Canadian allies oppose nuclear … Continue reading “Canada’s Trudeau Ignores Threat of Nuclear Annihilation”

Bolton’s at it Again and Venezuelans Will Suffer

The Trump administration, with John Bolton on the only battlements he’ll ever man, is at it again. This time, enacting sweeping financial punishments on businesses who would dare transact with Venezuela’s Maduro government. "The Maduro regime now joins that exclusive club of rogue states [Cuba, North Korea, and Iran]," Bolton said at a one-day conference … Continue reading “Bolton’s at it Again and Venezuelans Will Suffer”

Hiroshima and the New Arms Race – No Winners

Seventy-four years ago today the United States dropped the first atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. This nuclear weapon resulted in the deaths of an estimated 140,000 individuals. Three days later on August 9, a similar attack was carried out on the city of Nagasaki, Japan killing an additional 80,000 people. These events … Continue reading “Hiroshima and the New Arms Race – No Winners”

Jammu and Kashmir Loses ‘Special Status’

Terror grips the most militarized zone in the world after India’s Central Government terminated Jammu and Kashmir’s 70-year-old "special status" as the first step towards stripping the disputed region of statehood entirely. Internationally infamous as the world’s hottest potential nuclear flashpoint, J&K originally acceded to India in 1947 only on the condition that the newly-formed … Continue reading “Jammu and Kashmir Loses ‘Special Status’”