Playbook for a Military Draft

A new report released 18 June 2024 by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) provides a remarkably candid window into the flawed and dangerous thinking of military strategists who support continual “readiness” for an on-demand military draft, even while they claim — perhaps truthfully — not to prefer a draft, even as Plan … Continue reading “Playbook for a Military Draft”

Lessons From the Cold War: Now Is the Time for De-Escalation

Most Americans think of the Cuban Missile Crisis as a time where we came uncomfortably close to nuclear exchanges with the Soviet Union. The truth is, though, things came much closer than they realize. Nuclear missiles staged in Cuba should be considered tame compared to what happened under the waves of the Atlantic off the … Continue reading “Lessons From the Cold War: Now Is the Time for De-Escalation”

Early Signs of the Failure of American Global Power

Originally appeared at TomDispatch. In his years in power, Joe Biden and his top foreign policy officials have come up with a distinctly more aggressive and militarized approach to a rising China and, in particular, its claims to areas of the South China Sea or the island of Taiwan. As an old Cold Warrior who … Continue reading “Early Signs of the Failure of American Global Power”

Will Putin Attack Poland and the Baltics?

Reprinted from Consortium News. At Thursday’s debate with Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal,” claimed that he “wants all of Ukraine… Do you think he’ll stop?… What do you think happens to Poland and other places?” Spoiler Alert: Official Ukrainian sources confirm that Putin did stop in March … Continue reading “Will Putin Attack Poland and the Baltics?”

Growing Up in Nuseirat –– Where Massacres Become Routine

I clearly remember my first day at an UNRWA school in a refugee camp in Gaza. I was five years of age. It felt like my life was over. The distance from Block 5 of the Nuseirat Refugee Camp to the New Camp – located within the municipal boundaries of Nuseirat – was long, exhausting … Continue reading “Growing Up in Nuseirat –– Where Massacres Become Routine”

The NATO Summit Is on July 9, but Zelensky Is Already Angry

Another year of war and another NATO summit, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is still not going to get the NATO membership Ukrainians are fighting and dying for. At last year’s NATO summit, Zelensky was offered only “an invitation to Ukraine to join the Alliance when Allies agree and conditions are met.” “Ukraine isn’t ready … Continue reading “The NATO Summit Is on July 9, but Zelensky Is Already Angry”

The US Sanctioned Georgia and Nicaragua for Laws That Copy the US

Reprinted from Covert Action Magazine with the author’s permission. Politicians in the small Caucasian nation of Georgia have been sanctioned by Washington for “undermining democracy” and depriving Georgian people of “fundamental freedoms,” simply because its parliament has passed a law to control foreign influence over Georgian politics. Politicians in another small country, Nicaragua, were subjected … Continue reading “The US Sanctioned Georgia and Nicaragua for Laws That Copy the US”

We Need Rational Patriotism

As we approach Independence Day, patriotic displays will be everywhere. U.S. flags; red, white, and blue clothing; patriotic décor; and calls to appreciate our freedoms will greet us in the news, in stores and restaurants, and even in our workplaces. Some 67 percent of U.S. adults report being “proud” or “extremely proud” to be an … Continue reading “We Need Rational Patriotism”

Another American War in the Middle East?

Originally appeared at TomDispatch. Though I was never in the U.S. military, my life experience has been American wars, wars, wars, and more wars. I was born during World War II. I was in grade school when the Korean War took place. I still have a faint memory of a photo of a gleaming American … Continue reading “Another American War in the Middle East?”

A War Draft Today Can’t Work. Let Us Count the Ways.

Reprinted from Responsible Statecraft with the author’s permission. Two proposals that would radically alter the current system for registering Americans for a future draft were introduced recently in Congress without any hearings or debate. They raise practical issues about whether any draft today would even be possible. As part of this year’s National Defense Authorization … Continue reading “A War Draft Today Can’t Work. Let Us Count the Ways.”