Not So MAD Then?

Last year, The Daily Telegraph sponsored a conference in London on the contentious subject of Star Wars – or to foreign policy bores like you and me, National Missile Defence. We will straight-away pass up on the cheap shot about, ‘uh, which nation’s that then, that’s going to be defended?’ and instead consider the enthusiastic … Continue reading “Not So MAD Then?”

Occupation Begins To Crack

To date, 272 officers and soldiers of the Israeli army have signed the initiative to refuse to serve the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinians, while thousands of other Israeli citizens have expressed their support. Those that have signed are not pacifists nor are they particularly radical. They are well- trained combat officers and soldiers who … Continue reading “Occupation Begins To Crack”

Pope Poddy’s Papal Bull

The annual dinner of the American Enterprise Institute, attended by the elite opinion-makers, the movers and shakers of the conservative movement, was a truly solemn event. Norman Podhoretz, editor of Commentary and a renown neoconservative, was scheduled to address the crowd. The gravity of the occasion was underscored by Christopher Demuth’s gushing introductory remarks, wherein … Continue reading “Pope Poddy’s Papal Bull”

CIA: Avoiding Reform

A joint Senate and House select committee is planning an investigation not just into possible lapses by the CIA and other government intelligence agencies immediately prior to September 11, but into the "intelligence community’s" response to terrorism over the past 16 years. While the investigation might unearth a few interesting tidbits, it is unlikely to … Continue reading “CIA: Avoiding Reform”

The Debate We Never Have

Critics of US wars and US aspirations for empire have had their work cut out for them for over 100 years. This does not mean that there has existed a single, continuous antiwar or anti-imperialist movement of any real public visibility. Certainly, there have been underground currents, so to speak. John T. Flynn, who opposed … Continue reading “The Debate We Never Have”

Terrorism Vs. Occupation

Readers very often accuse me of not writing about Palestinian terrorism against Israel. A typical reader writes: "if Israeli gunmen were going in Palestinian pizza places, weddings, buses, discos, shoe stores and deliberately massacring Palestinian civilians, Ran HaCohen would go on a tirade against Israel. Yet he remains silent on Arab terrorism against Israeli civilians." … Continue reading “Terrorism Vs. Occupation”