Demonizing US Enemies

In an apparent attempt to prepare for action against Iran, President Bush in his State of the Union address declared, “Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror, while an unelected few repress the Iranian people’s hope for freedom.” Someone at the State Department ought to inform Bush that Iranian President Khatami has twice been … Continue reading “Demonizing US Enemies”


If anyone had any illusions concerning China’s WTO membership, recent events should have dispelled them. Drooling suits are now wiping themselves clean and taking a good look at semi-accurate translations of semitransparent regulations the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) released earlier this month concerning the import of soybeans. The issue of … Continue reading “Soybeans”

State of the Union at War

Some might argue that I should be grateful at having my prejudices confirmed. But there’s plenty of evidence on the historical record. I could have lived a long time – a lifetime, perhaps? – without a contemporary, up-to-the-minute demonstration of the old Bournean adage that war is the health of the state. My preferences aside, … Continue reading “State of the Union at War”

‘Crony Capitalism’ & War

My recent column on the "warbloggers" raised a lot of hackles, as well as provoking some interesting arguments. Dealing with the latter first, we have Jim Henley of "Unqualified Offerings" – a consistently interesting and well-written blog – telling me to "aim at the target, please." Henley wants to know: "Why does Justin Raimondo spend … Continue reading “‘Crony Capitalism’ & War”

Guantanamo and Geneva: The Missing Questions

It is hardly unusual for all sides of a given controversy to miss the central point; it’s what most of us do most of the time. But the skirting of salient issues surrounding the prisoners being held at the American Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba seems more egregious than usual. I doubt if the prisoners … Continue reading “Guantanamo and Geneva: The Missing Questions”

The Tali-boy: Made In the USA

Political trials are the musical accompaniment of modern warfare: Stalin’s purge trials, purportedly showing that the Soviet dictator’s enemies on the home front were agents of Hitler and the Mikado, provided ideological grist for Moscow’s propaganda mills during World War II. The Reichstag fire and the subsequent trial gave the German Nazis a rationale for … Continue reading “The Tali-boy: Made In the USA”