War on the Horizon: Gaza

I heard the shooting from the balcony of my apartment. Ismail, Yusuf, and Anwar tried to infiltrate the Netzarim settlement in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday night. They may have carried knives with them. That’s what Abdul Aziz Rantissi said, a leader of Hamas in Gaza. They weren’t suicide bombers as the New York Times … Continue reading “War on the Horizon: Gaza”

Cold War Liberalism:

In his new book, The Strange Death of American Liberalism (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001), H. W. Brands sets out to answer the question: How did American liberalism fall on hard times? The question refers, of course, not to classical liberalism but to the kind of 20th-century liberalism that wanted a strong, activist central … Continue reading “Cold War Liberalism:”

Winning Through Intimidation

How’s this for a pincer movement? The same issue of the Wall Street Journal that ran Benjamin Netanyahu’s screed calling on the US to "expand democracy" and "free speech" to the Middle East – presumably by overthrowing the current brutes in power – featured WSJ deputy features editor Tunku Varadarajan demanding that the parameters of … Continue reading “Winning Through Intimidation”

The Meaning of Le Pen

The stunning victory of the French National Front‘s Jean Marie Le Pen over Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin has European and American elites in a tizzy. They are right to tremble. For the grandfatherly ex-paratrooper represents everything they hate – nationalism, traditionalism, populism – and threatens the values they seek to ensconce: Euro-federalism, multiculturalism, and … Continue reading “The Meaning of Le Pen”

Chalmers Johnson: Changed Cold Warrior

We’ve talked on the phone several times, but when I had an almost-free day last week I thought it was time to talk with Chalmers Johnson face to face. His 2000 book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (Henry Holt Metropolitan, now in an Owl books paperback, $15.00, 266 pp.) was selling well … Continue reading “Chalmers Johnson: Changed Cold Warrior”

Searching For the Truth In Jenin

On April 17, we entered the Jenin camp for a third time,accompanied by Thawra. We had met Thawra the night we first entered Jenin. She came into the crowded, makeshift clinic organized by Palestinian Medical Relief Committee workers, cradling Ziad, an 18 day old infant born on the first night of the attack against Jenin. … Continue reading “Searching For the Truth In Jenin”