Toward An American Foreign Policy II

I begin musing about an authentic American foreign policy for the coming century with a possibility I would view as something of an imperative, but which is all too often forgotten or downplayed by commentators bemused and entranced by the capacity of a powerful nation like the United States to bend, shape, and mold history … Continue reading “Toward An American Foreign Policy II”

A Lost Episode of the Old Right: The ‘Great Debate,’ 1950-1951

OLD RIGHT: THE MOVIE Taking a cue from Mel Brook’s character Yogurt in Spaceballs, I often think there should be a line of Old Right products – Old Right the tee-shirt, Old Right the book, and so on. Not the least of these would be Old Right, the Movie. This could be done, cheaply enough, … Continue reading “A Lost Episode of the Old Right: The ‘Great Debate,’ 1950-1951”

The Real McCain–and It Isn’t Pretty

CNN’s Jeff Greenfield could hardly believe his ears. After listening to Senator John McCain’s virtriolic “concession speech,” he looked positively bewildered and not a little deflated: “You know, ” he said, “I’m a little stunned, because it is some of the toughest language that a defeated candidate has used.” That’s right, Jeff, and you’d better … Continue reading “The Real McCain–and It Isn’t Pretty”

Toward An American Foreign Policy

It is easy – sometimes all too easy – to criticize American foreign policy and those who make it in these days of sole-superpower listless empire maintenance. Quite frankly, the United States faces few if any severe challenges certainly not to its existence and hardly at all to its economic prosperity and effective dominance of … Continue reading “Toward An American Foreign Policy”

Kosovo and Presidential Politics

It has been almost a year since our “humanitarian” bombers unleashed their vengeance on the former Yugoslavia, a year since the War for Ethnic Diversity claimed its first victims – and what have we got to show for it? Well, let’s see: 150,000 Serb refugees, ethnically cleansed out of their homes in the former Yugoslavian … Continue reading “Kosovo and Presidential Politics”

Anschluss 2000, Or Get It in Writing

The ongoing excitement, hysteria, and agitprop surrounding the internal affairs of Austria has made me postpone a topic in order to address a few matters which may be of some interest to our European friends. Certainly, "fascists" are everywhere these days. There are so many in fact that it might be worth reactivating some of … Continue reading “Anschluss 2000, Or Get It in Writing”

John McCain and the War Party

The McCain stampede is on, even before the South Carolina election results are in. As I predicted in my election night column about the New Hampshire primary, “Like rats leaping from a sinking ship, the political hacks and neoconservative apparatchiks who latched on to the Bush campaign because they saw Dubya as inevitable will follow … Continue reading “John McCain and the War Party”

Russian Developments and Austrian Absurdities

My clip files hold news stories from as far back as last September parroting government predictions that the taking of Grozny by the patriotic forces of the Fatherland was imminent. When former Gen. William Odom told me in December that the Russian army is still largely incompetent, I wrote it up for this site. Although … Continue reading “Russian Developments and Austrian Absurdities”