War on X … When the Metaphor Becomes Too Real

Beyond the day-to-day news out of Palestine or Macedonia, Sudan or Indonesia, a question keeps nagging at some of us. Why is it that politicians, and particularly American politicians, seem so compliant and lackadaisical about the ramifications of endorsing war as a means of doing business? Never mind whether sending somebody else’s children to be … Continue reading “War on X … When the Metaphor Becomes Too Real”

The Ideology of Occupation

In an excellent recent article, leading Palestinian intellectual Edward Said cites the "astounding result" of a poll conducted among US citizens by the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, according to which less than three or four percent of the sample had any idea that there was an Israeli occupation. This seems to confirm a general rule: as … Continue reading “The Ideology of Occupation”


The death of Ian Collins, a British soldier killed in Macedonia by some kids flinging rocks, has mobilized the British media behind a campaign of anti-Macedonian vitriol: “Macedonian mob kills British soldier” said the lead story in the Telegraph. “Boy gang incited to ambush NATO men” averred the [UK] Times. “Macedonia’s campaign of hate leaves … Continue reading “WHO KILLED IAN COLLINS?”