In my last column I did my best to summarize a very disagreeable book. Today, I will be looking at another rather short book, which has an interesting and important central theme. That theme is that “warfare against civilians must never be answered in kind”1 – further, that such warfare is everywhere and always “self-defeating” … Continue reading “ONE LESSON IS BETTER THAN NONE”

Conscription: A Tradition of Slavery

I rise to introduce legislation expressing the sense of Congress that the United States government should not revive military conscription. Supporters of conscription have taken advantage of the events of September 11 to renew efforts to reinstate the military draft. However, reviving the draft may actually weaken America’s military. Furthermore, a military draft violates the … Continue reading “Conscription: A Tradition of Slavery”

Destabilizing the Balkans: US & Albanian Defense Cooperation in the 1990s

Recent events in the Balkans indicate that the foreign policy team of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is confronted with a monumental task in this part of the world. Unfortunately, little is known about the magnitude of problems that the Bush administration has inherited from the Clinton administration in this part of … Continue reading “Destabilizing the Balkans: US & Albanian Defense Cooperation in the 1990s”