Hollow Visions of Palestine’s Future

David Grossman’s widely publicized speech at the annual memorial rally for Yitzhak Rabin earlier this month has prompted some fine deconstruction of his "words of peace" from critics. Grossman, one of Israel’s foremost writers and a figurehead for its main peace movement, Peace Now, personifies the caring, tortured face of Zionism that so many of … Continue reading “Hollow Visions of Palestine’s Future”

The Struggle for Palestine’s Soul

The message delivered to Condoleezza Rice this week by Israeli officials is that the humanitarian and economic disaster befalling Gaza has a single, reversible cause: the capture by Palestinian fighters of an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in late June from a perimeter artillery position that had been shelling Gaza. When Shalit is returned, negotiations can … Continue reading “The Struggle for Palestine’s Soul”

Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine

A mistake too often made by those examining Israel’s behavior in the occupied territories – or when analyzing its treatment of Arabs in general, or interpreting its view of Iran – is to assume that Israel is acting in good faith. Even its most trenchant critics can fall into this trap. Such a reluctance to … Continue reading “Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine”

The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ and Nuclear War

The trajectory of a long-running campaign that gave birth this month to the preposterous all-party British parliamentary report into anti-Semitism in the UK can be traced back to intensive lobbying by the Israeli government that began more than four years ago, in early 2002. At that time, as Ariel Sharon was shredding the tattered remains … Continue reading “The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ and Nuclear War”

How Human Rights Watch Lost Its Way in Lebanon

The measure of a human rights organization is to be found not just in the strides it takes to seek justice for the oppressed and victimized but also in the compromises it makes to keep itself out of trouble. Because of the business that human rights defenders are in, they must be held to a … Continue reading “How Human Rights Watch Lost Its Way in Lebanon”

Israel’s Deceptions
a Way of Life

In a state established on a founding myth – that the native Palestinian population left of their own accord rather than being ethnically cleansed – and one that seeks its legitimacy through a host of other lies, such as that the occupation of the West Bank is benign and that Gaza’s has ended, deception becomes … Continue reading “Israel’s Deceptions
a Way of Life”

After Lebanon, Israel Looks for More War

Late last month, a fortnight into Israel’s war against Lebanon, the Hebrew-language media published a story that passed observers by. Scientists in Haifa, according to the report, have developed a "missile-trapping" steel net that can shield buildings from rocket attacks. The Israeli government, it noted, would be able to use the net to protect vital … Continue reading “After Lebanon, Israel Looks for More War”

Lebanese Deaths, and Israeli War Crimes, Kept Off the Balance Sheet

During Israel’s war against the people of Lebanon, our media, politicians, and diplomats have colluded with the aggressors by distracting us with irrelevancies, by concocting controversies, and by framing the language of diplomacy. In the fragile truce that is currently holding while Lebanon waits for Israel to withdraw, we are simply getting more of the … Continue reading “Lebanese Deaths, and Israeli War Crimes, Kept Off the Balance Sheet”

Suddenly, I’m an ‘Islamic Fascist’

It occurred to me as I watched the story unfolding on my TV of a suspected plot by a group of at least 20 British Muslims to blow up planes between the UK and America that the course of my life and that of the alleged "terrorists" may have run in parallel in more ways … Continue reading “Suddenly, I’m an ‘Islamic Fascist’”

Hypocrisy About Hezbollah

A reader recently e-mailed to ask if anyone else was suggesting, as I have done, that Hezbollah’s rocket fire may not be quite as indiscriminate or maliciously targeted at Israeli civilians as is commonly assumed. I had to admit that I have been plowing a lonely furrow on this one. Still, that is no reason … Continue reading “Hypocrisy About Hezbollah”