The Lies Israel Tells Itself (and We Tell on Its Behalf)

When journalists use the word "apparently," or another favorite "reportedly," they are usually distancing themselves from an event or an interpretation in the supposed interests of balance. But I think we should read the "apparently" contained in a statement from the head of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, relating to the killing this week of … Continue reading “The Lies Israel Tells Itself (and We Tell on Its Behalf)”

Five Myths That Sanction Israel’s War Crimes

This week I had the pleasure to appear on American radio, on the Laura Ingraham show, pitted against David Horowitz, who most recently made his name under the banner of Campus Watch, leading McCarthyite witch-hunts against American professors who have the impertinence to suggest that maybe, just maybe, Arabs have minds and feelings like the … Continue reading “Five Myths That Sanction Israel’s War Crimes”

Israel’s Disproportionate Violence No Surprise

The general surprise that Lebanese civilians are taking the brunt of Israel’s onslaught – and the unwillingness in some quarters of the media to report the fact – reflects a poor understanding of Israel’s historical use of violence. Since its birth six decades ago, Israel has always been officially “going after the terrorists,” but its … Continue reading “Israel’s Disproportionate Violence No Surprise”

The Human Shields of Nazareth

Nazareth hit the international headlines for the first time in this vicious war being waged by Israel mostly on Lebanese civilians. Reporter Matthew Price, corseted in a blue flak jacket in Haifa, told BBC viewers that for the first time Hezbollah had targeted Nazareth late on Sunday. "Nazareth is a mostly Christian town," he added, … Continue reading “The Human Shields of Nazareth”

Israelis Are Dying:
It Must Be an Escalation

Here we go again – another “serious escalation” has begun in the Middle East, or so BBC World was telling audiences throughout Sunday. So what prompted the BBC’s judgment that the crisis was escalating once more? You can be sure it had nothing to do with the more than 130 Lebanese dead after five days … Continue reading “Israelis Are Dying:
It Must Be an Escalation”

Israel’s Road to ‘Convergence’ Began With Rabin

With his coalition partners on board, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is plotting his next move: a partial withdrawal from the West Bank over the next few years that he and his government will declare as the end of the occupation and therefore also any legitimate grounds for Palestinian grievance. From hereon in, Israel will … Continue reading “Israel’s Road to ‘Convergence’ Began With Rabin”