Nancy Pelosi Could Get Us All Killed

The arrogance of power is especially ominous and despicable when a government leader risks huge numbers of lives in order to make a provocative move on the world’s geopolitical chessboard. Nancy Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan is in that category. Thanks to her, the chances of a military confrontation between China and the United States … Continue reading “Nancy Pelosi Could Get Us All Killed”

Washington Is Making the Same Blunder Regarding Taiwan That It Did in Ukraine

Tensions between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are rising sharply over the Taiwan issue. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stated intention to include a stop in Taipei to meet with Taiwanese officials during her forthcoming trip to East Asia is the latest source of trouble. Pelosi apparently escalated that provocation further … Continue reading “Washington Is Making the Same Blunder Regarding Taiwan That It Did in Ukraine”

Is Taiwan’s Independence Worth War?

When a man knows he is about to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully, said Dr. Samuel Johnson. If there is any benefit to be realized from the collision between China and the U.S. over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s proposed trip to Taiwan, it is this: America needs to reflect long and … Continue reading “Is Taiwan’s Independence Worth War?”

Russia and Ukraine: The Three Scariest Statements

Russia continues its war on Ukraine. The US and its allies continue flooding weapons into Ukraine. The war goes on, and Ukrainians continue to suffer and die. The last several days have offered little hope but lots of fear. They have also offered three of the scariest statements yet of the war. They are scary … Continue reading “Russia and Ukraine: The Three Scariest Statements”

Bosnia’s Hot Summer – and Empire’s Winter

With the Empire’s attention focused almost entirely on Ukraine, it’s easy to miss the "rules-based world order" beginning to crumble elsewhere. There are stress fractures all over Europe, while things in the US have reached the point where the regime is resorting to redefining the meaning of words, from "recession" to "woman," to maintain narrative … Continue reading “Bosnia’s Hot Summer – and Empire’s Winter”

Pelosi-Taiwan: An Easy Way Out for Biden

Let’s begin with a syllogism: Major Premise: Biden Does Not Want War With China Minor Premise: He is Commander-in-Chief Conclusion: Biden can order a Navy carrier battlegroup to change direction In other words, a solution to the still up-in-the-air (so to speak) visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, amid Chinese threats of military … Continue reading “Pelosi-Taiwan: An Easy Way Out for Biden”

Washington Is the Problem, Not the Solution: Why Mahmoud Abbas Is Seeking New ‘Powerful’ Sponsors

To judge US President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Israel and Palestine as a "failure" in terms of activating the dormant "peace process" is simply a misnomer. For this statement to be accurate, Washington would have had to indicate even a nominal desire to push for negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian leadership.  … Continue reading “Washington Is the Problem, Not the Solution: Why Mahmoud Abbas Is Seeking New ‘Powerful’ Sponsors”

Lessons from Vietnam for Ukraine

In April 1965, U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) explained why he was escalating US involvement in Vietnam. With an Orwellian touch, LBJ titled the speech "Peace without Conquest" as he announced the beginning of US air attacks on Vietnam. He explained that "We must fight if we are to live in a world where … Continue reading “Lessons from Vietnam for Ukraine”