172 Killed in Iraq; Sectarian Tensions Explode in Tuz Khormatu

The Iraqi military has instructed civilians to hold off returning to Ramadi while they investigate if bomb-clearing missions are being conducted properly. Dozens of residents have been killed or wounded in their booby-trapped homes since the city’s liberation.

Over 41,000 people have returned safely to Haditha.

At least 172 were killed and 46 were wounded:

Sectarian tensions were reignited in Tuz Khormato after a bomb exploded near two political party offices. Armed clashes spread throughout the city. At the very least eight militiamen and five Peshmerga members were killed. Two civilians were also killed. Sniper fire and mortars are preventing casualties from seeking medical help, but an official from the Kurdistan Democratic Party claims that the Shi’ite-controlled hospital will not accept Kurdish civilians anyway. Military reinforcements are gathering outside the city, even though Shi’ite and Peshmerga officials have agreed to stop fighting.

In Tarmiya, a bomb killed one person and wounded nine more.

A suicide bomber attacked a military base in Roufa where he killed six soldiers and wounded eight more. A dozen militants were killed in further fighting.

In Baghdad, two suicide bombers at a mosque in Radwaniya killed two soldiers and wounded two more.

Two people were shot dead and another was wounded in Wajihiya.

Roadside bombs in Iskandariya wounded three people.

Security forces killed 77 militants and wounded 19 more in the Garma region.

In Albu Ali al-Jassim, strikes killed 17 militants.

Shelling left 17 militants dead in Makhmour.

Sixteen militants were killed by a strike on Nasr.

A strike on Rutba killed 10 militants and wounded four more.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.