Bombers Take Toll on Northern Iraq; 71 Killed, 82 Wounded

At least 71 people were killed and 82 more were killed in today’s violence. Bombers struck in northern Iraq, but scattered attacks occurred throughout central Iraq as well.


The gates of a dam, near Falluja and briefly held by militants, are now open and operating properly. Air strikes left six militants dead near an army base. Shelling killed five people, including children, and wounded 18 more.

Three soldiers were killed in a battle in al-Houz. A sniper killed a soldier.

Gunmen kidnapped a hospital and two employees in Haditha. Militants held a parade on a roadway between Baiji and Haditha.

Five militants were killed, including a leader, in the Ramadi area.


In Mosul, a car bomb targeting a joint security patrol killed five civilians and five security members, and another 12 people were wounded. Four soldiers and five gunmen were killed in clashes; seven soldiers were wounded. A bomb wounded two soldiers.

A suicide bomber in Dibs killed four civilians and seven policemen, while another 18 people were wounded. Following the attack locals set fire to the courthouse and five homes, including those belonging to officials.

Two bombs in Dujail killed seven people and wounded four more.

In Suleiman Bek, gunmen attacked the home of a policeman, where they killed his father and brother, and they also wounded four women. A Sahwa member was shot dead nearby.

A bomb in Qadisiya killed two people and wounded five more.

In Shura, gunmen killed a policeman. A body was found.

In Baghdad, one civilian was killed and four others were wounded in a blast in Radwaniya. A bomb wounded three people in Husseiniya.

A bomb killed a tractor driver and wounded a farmer in Adhaim.

Gunmen killed a man and wounded a woman. The man’s brother is a police commander.

A bomb in Shirqat killed a civilian.

Gunmen at the al-Aqwas checkpoint killed a policeman.

Gunmen killed an employee of the health department in al-Fehoud.

A sticky bomb in Madaen killed a civilian.

Three bystanders were wounded in a blast at a policeman’s home in Alam.

A bomb near Taza exploded as the parliamentary speaker’s convoy passed by it, but no one was hurt.

Five people, including an oil executive were kidnapped in Salah ad Din province.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.