Attacks Leave 39 Killed, 48 Wounded Across Iraq

At least 39 people were killed and 48 more were wounded across Iraq today. Anbar province was fairly quiet, while most of the violence occurred in the north. Also, a famous radio journalist was killed in Baghdad at the hands of a Kurdish Peshmerga member.


Five militants were killed during clashes in Ramadi.

Shelling wounded five civilians, including a child, in Falluja. Security forces killed two militants near a hospital.


In Baghdad, a Peshmerga guard working for President Jalal Talabani’s security detail killed the bureau chief for Radio Free Iraq during a quarrel at a checkpoint. Separately, security forces killed a militant.

Six people were killed, including three civilians, in a blast in Adhaim. Five civilians were wounded in a roadside bombing.

In Mosul, a bomb wounded two people. Security forces killed a militant.

A bomb killed two soldiers and wounded three more at a checkpoint in Qayara.

Seven people were killed, including two civilians, and another 18 were wounded a double bombing in Tikrit.

In Basra, gunmen killed a police colonel who was in charge of the criminal investigations division.

Clashes in Buhriz left three gunmen and one policeman dead, while two more policemen were wounded.

In Kirkuk, the body of a kidnapping victim was found.

Gunmen killed a tribal leader in Arab Jabour.

A suicide bomber killed three people and wounded twelve more north of Baquba.

In Suleimaniya, the body of a Peshmerga member was found shot dead.

Mortars wounded a policeman in Badush.

In Qara Tapa, security forces killed two militants.

Several militants were killed in a security operation in Diyala province.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.