Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam

Martin Luther King "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" April 30, 1967, Riverside Church, New York The sermon which I am preaching this morning in a sense is not the usual kind of sermon, but it is a sermon and an important subject, nevertheless, because the issue that I will be discussing […]

An Inauguration Day Surprise?

Is the Obama administration out to provoke a military conflict with Russia in the days before Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office? In July of 2014, the US announced the start of “Operation Atlantic Resolve” in response to the vote by Crimea – which took place nearly three years ago — to rejoin […]

Mainstream Media’s Russian Bogeymen

In the middle of a major domestic crisis over the U.S. charge that Russia had interfered with the US election, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) triggered a brief national media hysteria by creating and spreading a bogus story of Russian hacking into US power infrastructure. DHS had initiated the now-discredited tale of a hacked […]

ISIS Attacks Checkpoints in Diyala Province; 184 Killed in Iraq

Militants attacked at least two checkpoints in Diyala province.

ISIS Burns Family to Death, Including Infant; 57 Killed in Iraq

Daesh executed a family of family, including four children, for attempting to escape their control in Hawija.

The Two-State Solution Still the Only Game in Town

The Arab taxi driver who brought me to Ramallah had no trouble with the Israeli border posts. He just evaded them. Saves a lot of trouble. I was invited by Mahmood Abbas, the President of the Palestinian National Authority (as well as of the PLO and the Fatah movement) to take part in joint Palestinian-Israeli […]

Can Trump Tame the Pentagon?

Will Donald Trump keep his campaign promise to end America’s wasteful wars overseas? Since he’s stated he knows more than America’s generals, will he rein them in? Will he bring major reforms to the military-industrial complex, or will he be nothing but talk and tweets? At Trump’s first news conference as president-elect, he had little […]

The Foolish Optimism of Hoping for Chelsea Manning’s Freedom

This column will soon be out of date. There are only a few days of Barack Obama’s presidential pardon powers left. He will either offer clemency to whistleblower Chelsea Manning, thereby ending her sentence three decades sooner than officially mandated, or he will not. And the chances of her gaining freedom under a Republican-dominated Washington […]

Symbolic Buildings, Bridge Captured in Mosul; 118 Killed in Iraq

Iraqi Forces took control of Mosul University, government buildings, and at least one bridge during Friday’s advancements.

The Foreign Plot to Oust Trump

Oh, the irony! Amid all the accusations of foreign interference in the election, the first solid indication of it showed up with the publication of a slanderous unsourced memo written by a “former” British intelligence agent accusing Donald Trump of various “perversions” and claiming he’s vulnerable to blackmail by those evil Russkies. The “ex”-MI6 agent, […]