How ‘New Cold Warriors’ Cornered Trump

Opponents of the Trump administration have generally accepted as fact the common theme across mainstream media that aides to Donald Trump were involved in some kind of illicit communications with the Russian government that has compromised the independence of the administration from Russian influence. But close analysis of the entire series of leaks reveals something […]

Michael Anton and the Limits of Trumpism

Donald Trump’s appointments have provoked a uniform level of hysteria from his “progressive” opponents – “the Resistance” routinely goes to Defcon 1 in response to the President’s every tweet. Yet the virulence of their denunciations has an especially sharp edge to them when it comes to the foreign policy realm. Mike Flynn was portrayed as […]

Troops Advancing Rapidly Towards Mosul Bridge; 114 Killed in Iraq

Iraqi forces are drawing close to a strategic bridge in Mosul.

Civilians Flee Heavy Fighting in Mosul; 223 Killed in Iraq

Hundreds of Iraqis were escorted away from the front lines in Mosul.

Is Trump Moderating on Foreign Policy? Not in the Least

“Chaos,” “dismay,” “radically inept” – those are just a few of the recent headlines analyzing Donald Trump’s foreign policy. In truth, disorder would seem to be the strategy of the day. Picking up the morning newspaper or tuning on the national news sometimes feels akin to opening up a basket filled with spitting cobras and […]

The United States of Permanent War

As the foreign policy establishment continues to grapple with the consequences of Trump’s election, U.S. officials can still agree on one thing. The United States is a nation that is waging a permanent war. In December 2016, President Obama reflected on the development in a speech that he delivered to US soldiers at MacDill Air […]

ISIS Attacks Border Checkpoint; 117 Killed in Iraq

Militants attacked the border checkpoint at Trebil again. This time they killed 15 guards.

At the Altar of American Greatness

Originally posted at TomDispatch. The members of what TomDispatch regular Andrew Bacevich, author of America’s War for the Greater Middle East, calls “the Church of America the Redeemer” are in some disarray these days and in quite an uproar over the new Pope and his aberrant set of cardinals now ensconced in Washington. Perhaps there […]

Believing That War Has Consequences

A February NBC news poll reveals some dramatic diversity within the minds of Donald Trump’s America. The topics covered are varied, and include Americans’ current feelings about Russia, and their worries over a future major war (56 percent are very or somewhat worried). One other question caught my eye, however, and that was a choice […] vs. the Decline of American Journalism

What is the “alternative” media? If we look at the phrase itself, it seems to mean the media that presents itself as the alternative to what we call the “corporate media,” i.e. the New York Times, the Washington Post, your local rag – in short, the Legacy Media that predominated in those bygone days before […]