How the Iraq War Began in Panama

Originally posted at TomDispatch. So many years and wars later, it’s easy to forget what a total television hit the first Gulf War of 1991 was. Just in case you no longer remember – and why should you? – that was the war that was to bury America’s defeat in Vietnam forever and signal the […]

For Truly Better Relations with Cuba, Open the Door and Get Out of the Way!

President Obama has taken a bold and surprising step toward ending the futile 50 year US embargo of Cuba. The president announced he would begin normalizing relations, including upgrading the diplomatic mission in Havana to embassy status. The president also said he was taking steps to increase travel, commerce, and the flow of information between […]

Torture’s Time for Accountability

I trust I was not alone in seeing irony in President Barack Obama’s public chiding of Sony on Friday for caving in to hacker demands to cancel distribution of its comedy “The Interview” – about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate North Korea’s real-life leader Kim Jong-Un – after a retaliatory cyber attack blamed on […]

ISIS Executing Deserters in Iraq; 190 Killed

At least 190 were killed, and another 13 were wounded. Most of the dead were militants, including those reportedly executed by their own forces.

Mass Grave Found in Sinjar, 166 Killed Across Iraq

At least 166 were killed and 37 were wounded. A mass grave was found containing dozens of Yazidi victims.

Why We Fight

A hundred years since what everyone thought would be a short, victorious war left Europe broken and ruined, statesmen and policymakers of the West have demonstrated they have learned nothing – and regretted nothing – since. While the shooting remains localized so far, fighting on the economic, propaganda and political fronts is in full force. […]

Splendid Isolation

Almost a thousand Israeli personalities have already signed an appeal to European parliaments for their governments to recognize the State of Palestine. I am honored to be among the signatories, which include former ministers and members of the Knesset, diplomats and generals, artists and businessmen, writers and poets, including Israel’s three outstanding writers Amos Oz, […]

Heavy Fighting Continues Near Sinjar, 11 Killed in Baghdad

Eleven people were killed and 24 were wounded in Baghdad. The U.S. government has approved the sale of 175 Abrams tanks to Iraq for $2.4 billion.

Why Did They Torture?

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on how the US government tortured detainees at Guantanamo and at secret "black sites" all over the world has focused on how they did it: rectal feeding, hanging detainees by their arms, "stress positions," beatings, etc. The prurience of this focus is fairly obvious, and typical of decadent societies in […]

The Senate Drone Report of 2019

Originally posted at TomDispatch. It was December 6, 2019, three years into a sagging Clinton presidency and a bitterly divided Congress. That day, the 500-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s long fought-over, much-delayed, heavily redacted report on the secret CIA drone wars and other American air campaigns in the 18-year-long war on terror […]