Israel’s Reasoning Against Peace

With the resumption of settlement construction in the West Bank Monday, Israel’s powerful settler movement hopes that it has scuttled peace talks with the Palestinians. It would be misleading, however, to assume that the only major obstacle to the success of the negotiations is the right-wing political ideology the settler movement represents. Equally important are … Continue reading “Israel’s Reasoning Against Peace”

Palestinian Patients Suffer From Hamas-Fatah Rivalry

RAMALLAH – Cancer patient Ahmed Abu Fuad needs chemotherapy to survive. Muhammad Subeh needs an eye transplant, while paramedic Alaa Sarhan desperately needs surgery to remove shrapnel from his body. But these Gazans are unable to leave the area to seek the required medical treatment elsewhere, and it is not because of the Israeli siege. … Continue reading “Palestinian Patients Suffer From Hamas-Fatah Rivalry”

Work Permits and Ramadan in the West Bank

HIRBET DEIR, Occupied West Bank – For Muhammad el-Baradiyeh, 38, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is always a blessing. In fact, every day of the month-and-a-half prior to Ramadan has been good for Muhammad. Thanks to a permit granted by the Israeli authorities, he’s been able to work inside Israel and save extra money … Continue reading “Work Permits and Ramadan in the West Bank”

US Funds Apartheid Roads on West Bank

RAMALLAH – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is helping Israel to construct an apartheid road infrastructure in the occupied Palestinian West Bank by financing nearly a quarter of the segregated road system primarily for the benefit of Israeli settlers. USAID’s figures state that the agency has financed 235 km of roads in … Continue reading “US Funds Apartheid Roads on West Bank”

West Bank Route May Open, but Not to Peace

ROUTE 443, Occupied West Bank – Just beyond the main Israeli checkpoint, 10 kilometers short of Jerusalem, a white Nissan station wagon is abruptly edging to the side of the road. It comes to a halt on the shoulder. Four Orthodox Jews clamber out and gather around the mound at the side of the road. … Continue reading “West Bank Route May Open, but Not to Peace”

Business Seeks Ways Past Israeli-Palestinian Political Impasse

RAMALLAH – Business between the Palestinian Authority and Israel is growing despite the political impasse over Israel’s refusal to cease illegal settlement-building in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian West Bank. Trade between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) rose 17 percent to $3.9 billion in 2008, according to the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA). In 2007 … Continue reading “Business Seeks Ways Past Israeli-Palestinian Political Impasse”

Humanitarian Crisis Deepens in West Bank

RAMALLAH – "I heard voices, I turned around to look, and saw a group of Israeli settlers assaulting my brother Hammad," says Abdallah Wahadin, 82, a Palestinian farmer from Beit Ummar near the southern West Bank city of Hebron. "Three of them surrounded me, while a fourth threw a rock at the back of my … Continue reading “Humanitarian Crisis Deepens in West Bank”

Showdown Looming Over Israeli Settlements

JERUSALEM – A showdown over Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is looming between Israel and the United States barely a week after the encounter at the White House between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that the May 18 encounter was no friendly getting-to-know-you … Continue reading “Showdown Looming Over Israeli Settlements”