Predisposed to Peace

Ron Paul is a man of faith. His faith shines through every page of his new book, Swords into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity . The title itself, based on a Biblical verse, evinces his religious faith, which greatly strengthens his steadfast opposition to war. But what most … Continue reading “Predisposed to Peace”

Ron Paul’s Statement on Sniper’s Death Not ‘Appalling’

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul is being roundly criticized for his Twitter comment on the killing of celebrated former sniper Chris Kyle. The sniper was gunned down by former Marine Eddie Routh at a Texas shooting range while Kyle was attempting to help Routh overcome his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from service in … Continue reading “Ron Paul’s Statement on Sniper’s Death Not ‘Appalling’”

A Dream Dies, but the Beat Goes On

I am still trying to recover from the Republican Party’s overwhelming failure to understand that only Ron Paul was speaking good sense about the dismal state of U.S. foreign policy. Depending on whom you listen to, however, one might almost think in spite of all evidence to the contrary that the revolution is still going … Continue reading “A Dream Dies, but the Beat Goes On”

Where Do We Go Next?

It was perhaps inevitable that the GOP would turn on the Ron Paul supporters to eliminate them from their version of a body politic. I predicted it would take place and so did a number of others. But what has been surprising is the timing. It seemed reasonable to assume that the Republican gatekeepers would … Continue reading “Where Do We Go Next?”

The Iron Fist in Tampa

As the Republican convention-goers gather in Tampa, Florida, the Republican party Establishment is eager to crush any public expressions of dissent — both inside and outside the convention hall. Inside, efforts are underway to make it impossible for delegates pledged to antiwar libertarian Ron Paul to place their candidate in nomination — an effort the … Continue reading “The Iron Fist in Tampa”

Nothing Succeeds Like ‘Success’

The anti-interventionist movement, if we can refer to such an amorphous creature, is at a crossroads at the start of this election season. On the left, the remnants of the antiwar movement have been dispersed and absorbed into the Democratic party, where they have become foot soldiers for Obama — a President who has taken … Continue reading “Nothing Succeeds Like ‘Success’”

Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama

Every time Rand Paul opens his mouth, he seems to put both feet and a couple of other appendages in it. There was that unfortunate interview with Rachel Maddow, there was the “couldn’t get any gayer” quip – and now this. In an alternately opaque and all-too-revealing interview with the Daily Paul web site, in … Continue reading “Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama”

Endorsing Evil Is Politics as Usual

Last Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky endorsed Mitt Romney for president of the United States and followed up a day later by saying he would be “honored” to be Romney’s choice for vice president. Paul pledged his support after having a discussion with Romney in which the latter outlined some of his positions that … Continue reading “Endorsing Evil Is Politics as Usual”

Ron Paul Gets One Wrong

One of the refreshing aspects of the Ron Paul revolution has been its willingness to re-examine America’s fractured foreign policy and return to the old principles of national interest and constitutionalism to serve as guidelines for how the nation should behave internationally. Paul has been bold enough to assert that foreign aid, which accomplishes little … Continue reading “Ron Paul Gets One Wrong”