Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision

Is Ron Paul running for president in the wrong party? The results of the GOP primaries, so far, would certainly seem to suggest that. Paul’s support draws heavily from two constituencies one doesn’t normally associate with the Republican party: young voters, who are overwhelmingly independents, and antiwar voters, who tend to be Democrats. He has … Continue reading “Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision”

Veterans for Ron Paul

Former Army medic Robert Tesh remembers the moment he really began to mistrust the system. It was when he carried the funeral coffin for Sgt. Michael Ingram, who died on April 17, 2010 from an IED blast in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Tesh says his view of the war, and of the government that wages it, was … Continue reading “Veterans for Ron Paul”

What Now?

The forces of peace and liberty have made great strides in the past few years: most ordinary Americans have turned against the War Party. The truth about how and why we invaded Iraq has turned even formerly staunch interventionists into skeptics of American power, on the right as well as the left. In the battle … Continue reading “What Now?”

Defend Corporal Jesse Thorsen

Support the troops – as long as they keep their mouths shut. That’s the operative principle as far as Jesse Thorsen is concerned. The Boston Globe reports: “An Army reservist who took the stage at a political event for Ron Paul and expressed his support for the Republican presidential candidate could face legal troubles, the … Continue reading “Defend Corporal Jesse Thorsen”

The Return of the Chickenhawks

What a joy to see Ron Paul take down Newt “Chickenhawk” Gingrich in front of millions of Americans. Slogging through fifteen Republican presidential debates was totally worth it just to witness this defining moment. Dianne Sawyer, who sounded like she was on Quaaludes, raised her eyebrows quizzically as she asked him if he stood by … Continue reading “The Return of the Chickenhawks”

We Shall Overcome

The governor of Iowa says that if Ron Paul wins the GOP caucus, the best thing to do is to “ignore him” – and, if you go here, you can see the “mainstream” media agrees. Rich Lowry over at the National Review proclaims that if the only anti-interventionist candidate gets the votes of Iowa Republicans, … Continue reading “We Shall Overcome”

Eighty-Nine Seconds

I was really looking forward to the Republican foreign policy debate, eagerly anticipating the clash I expected between Rep. Ron Paul’s anti-interventionist views and the rest of that warmongering crowd – but I didn’t count on the filtering tactics of CBS News. The televised debate went on for an hour, but Ron only got 89 … Continue reading “Eighty-Nine Seconds”

Saturday Night Frights

Saturday’s GOP presidential debate focused on foreign policy, and it was a disgrace — not simply because of the moderators’ blatant disregard for Rep. Ron Paul (the only candidate from either political party advocating peace was given 89 seconds to speak in the first hour), and not simply because of the hideous lagging in the … Continue reading “Saturday Night Frights”

The Return of the Smear Brigade

As the crisis of the American empire lurches into its final stages, and conservatives begin to question the costs of imperialism, the neoconservative counterattack is going into overdrive. When prominent conservatives rose to say, “Cuts in the defense budget are not ‘off the table,’” the neocons began to worry that their formerly iron grip on … Continue reading “The Return of the Smear Brigade”