Ron Paul Gets One Wrong

One of the refreshing aspects of the Ron Paul revolution has been its willingness to re-examine America’s fractured foreign policy and return to the old principles of national interest and constitutionalism to serve as guidelines for how the nation should behave internationally. Paul has been bold enough to assert that foreign aid, which accomplishes little … Continue reading “Ron Paul Gets One Wrong”

Two Sit-Ins

At this moment, two sit-ins are taking place in Jerusalem, two kilometers apart. In West Jerusalem, the Shalit family is sitting in a protest tent in front of the prime minister’s residence, swearing to remain there until the return of their son. In East Jerusalem, three members of the Palestinian parliament are holed up in … Continue reading “Two Sit-Ins”

In Jerusalem, Divided We Celebrate

JERUSALEM – "What kind of celebration is this," said Bat-El, 22, engulfed in a sea of blue- and-white Israeli flags in a huge procession marking Israel’s self-celebrated Jerusalem Day, the anniversary by the Hebrew calendar of Israel’s conquest of East Jerusalem 43 years ago during the 1967 Arab-Israel war. Members of the religious Zionist Bnei … Continue reading “In Jerusalem, Divided We Celebrate”

Jerusalem Divided Between Hats and Hearts

JERUSALEM – There’s a Jerusalem saying that the city wears too many hats – Jewish hats, Muslim hats, Christian hats – so it’s difficult to get at its brain. As Israelis and Palestinians wrestle for the right to wear the prime Jerusalem hat, U.S. President Barack Obama is being made aware that his special envoy … Continue reading “Jerusalem Divided Between Hats and Hearts”

High Price Tag for Settlers’ Eviction

Jerusalem’s mayor threatened last week to demolish 200 homes in Palestinian neighborhoods of the city in an act even he conceded would probably bring long-simmering tensions over housing in East Jerusalem to a boil. His uncompromising stance is the latest stage in a protracted legal battle over a single building towering above the jumble of … Continue reading “High Price Tag for Settlers’ Eviction”

Sale of Land to Israel Threatens to Split Greek Orthodox Church

RAMALLAH – Israel’s bid to keep occupied East Jerusalem under its sovereignty and prevent its incorporation into a future Palestinian state has been boosted over the years with the acquiescence of the Greek Orthodox Church. The church’s sale of politically sensitive land in East Jerusalem under dubious circumstances and amid charges of political blackmail have … Continue reading “Sale of Land to Israel Threatens to Split Greek Orthodox Church”

Muslims See Victory at al-Aqsa

EAST JERUSALEM – Clashes between Israeli security forces and protesting Palestinians have subsided as several hundred Muslims agreed to evacuate Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque following a deal brokered by the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv Saturday. But the Islamic Movement, whose members sought to take over the mosque, is at the center of intense controversy. In … Continue reading “Muslims See Victory at al-Aqsa”