New Nuke Charges Raise Stakes in Upcoming Iran Talks

Charges by U.S. President Barack Obama and the leaders of France and Britain Friday that Iran is building a secret underground plant to enrich uranium appear certain to heighten tensions just days before critical talks between Tehran and its three accusers, as well as Germany, China and Russia. The charges, which were issued at a … Continue reading “New Nuke Charges Raise Stakes in Upcoming Iran Talks”

Poll Finds Iranian Support for Nuclear Power, Not Weapons

A poll released Tuesday shows that Iranians are still strongly in favor of continuing their government’s nuclear program, but are open to compromises which would permit uranium enrichment while allowing international inspectors access to ensure that no bomb-making activities are taking place if sanctions are dropped. Meanwhile, Iran hawks in the United States are pushing … Continue reading “Poll Finds Iranian Support for Nuclear Power, Not Weapons”

Egypt Rejects US Nuclear Umbrella

CAIRO — The specter of a U.S. nuclear umbrella for the Middle East haunted the U.S.- Egyptian summit this week. In the run-up to President Hosni Mubarak’s first Washington visit in five years, both the Egyptian leader and his senior aides categorically rejected an undeclared U.S. offer to guarantee defense of the region against atomic … Continue reading “Egypt Rejects US Nuclear Umbrella”