When Satire Becomes Reality

Google News has lately taken to labeling Antiwar.com’s news articles, including this column, as "satire." To take one particularly unfortunate example, an article by Fred Reed on the furor over the photo of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard’s tragic death in Afghanistan was so classified on the Google search engine. This, I believe, is proof positive … Continue reading “When Satire Becomes Reality”

Neocons Paint Obama as Weak on ‘Rogues’

In what appears increasingly to be an orchestrated campaign, right-wing Republicans and Israel-centered neoconservatives are pulling out all the stops in depicting President Barack Obama as "weak" on national security and promoting democracy abroad. While they have been pressing that charge on Obama since even before he defeated Sen. John McCain in last November’s elections, … Continue reading “Neocons Paint Obama as Weak on ‘Rogues’”

The Chickenhawks Are Back

Much has been said and written in recent days about the way the demonstrators in Tehran have been utilizing new kinds of "social media" to challenge the Iranian theocratic regime. Protesters blog, post to Facebook, and most intriguingly, coordinate their protests on Twitter, the messaging service. On Twitter, young Iranians and their supporters post reports … Continue reading “The Chickenhawks Are Back”