Assange’s Last Stand?

If there was ever a clear cut case of good versus evil, then surely it is the contest between Julian Assange and most of the world’s governments. They hate him because he exposed their lies, their manipulations, and their routine violations of the most elementary rules of human decency. By publishing virtually the entire corpus … Continue reading “Assange’s Last Stand?”

Assange and Correa: Marriage of Convenience?

Information activist Julian Assange shocked his fans and gave more grist to his haters last week by announcing he would flee Swedish extradition orders to seek asylum from the South American nation of Ecuador. “I had expected him to face the allegations. I am as surprised as anyone by this,” Tweeted socialite and activist Jemima … Continue reading “Assange and Correa: Marriage of Convenience?”

Julian Assange’s Artful Dodge

Barring a CIA drone strike on the Ecuadorian embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s sudden appeal for asylum there may spare him a prison stay in Sweden or possibly the United States. Assange’s freedom now depends largely on Ecuadorian President Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, a new breed of independent-minded leader like Venezuelan President Hugo … Continue reading “Julian Assange’s Artful Dodge”

WikiLeaks at the Forefront of 21st-Century Journalism

If there was ever doubts about whether the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is a journalist, recent events erase those doubts and put him at the forefront of a movement to democratize journalism and empower people. The U.S. Department of Justice is still trying to find a way to prosecute Assange and others associated with … Continue reading “WikiLeaks at the Forefront of 21st-Century Journalism”

Defending Manning and Assange

Interview recorded December 29, 2010. Listen to the interview. Scott Horton: All right, y’all, welcome back to the show. It’s Antiwar Radio, I’m Scott Horton, and joining me on the line is Daniel Ellsberg, famous liberator of the Pentagon Papers and author of the book Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, and … Continue reading “Defending Manning and Assange”

Julian Assange: Man of the Decade

This week will end 2010, the capstone year on a decade of profound change and turmoil and bloodshed – of moral and political lows, of war and ever-elusive peace, of rapidly degrading individual freedoms in favor of national and global “security.” Billions if not trillions of dollars have been made in the business of war, … Continue reading “Julian Assange: Man of the Decade”

Aldous Huxley Would Be Proud

Today, Julian Assange sits in a British jail while the United States government reportedly readies to indict him on charges of espionage. His story has taken a dramatic turn not unlike the rebels and revolutionaries of our literary canon, and in fact, he is imprisoned today in the native land of one of the greatest … Continue reading “Aldous Huxley Would Be Proud”

Julian Assange in the Honey Trap

Anyone who doubts the unmitigated evil of the US government and its international enablers has only to look at the disgraceful persecution of Julian Assange to see Washington’s brazen malevolence in full flower. As the WikiLeaks web site continues to release daily examples of US incompetence, bullying, venality, and corruption, the response from the Imperial … Continue reading “Julian Assange in the Honey Trap”

Stop the Persecution of Julian Assange

Either God or the U.S. government is out to get Julian Assange, the founder of the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. Assange is either a modern-day Job or there is an orchestrated campaign (presumably) by the U.S. government to compel his Web site to desist in its publication of classified U.S. government documents and diplomatic cables. But … Continue reading “Stop the Persecution of Julian Assange”