Assange and Correa: Marriage of Convenience?

Information activist Julian Assange shocked his fans and gave more grist to his haters last week by announcing he would flee Swedish extradition orders to seek asylum from the South American nation of Ecuador. “I had expected him to face the allegations. I am as surprised as anyone by this,” Tweeted socialite and activist Jemima … Continue reading “Assange and Correa: Marriage of Convenience?”

Julian Assange’s Artful Dodge

Barring a CIA drone strike on the Ecuadorian embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s sudden appeal for asylum there may spare him a prison stay in Sweden or possibly the United States. Assange’s freedom now depends largely on Ecuadorian President Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, a new breed of independent-minded leader like Venezuelan President Hugo … Continue reading “Julian Assange’s Artful Dodge”