Obama vs. the Left

It’s amazing, really, how much of a pass the left is giving President Obama as he sells out every single major platform plank that got them pumped up to begin with. Aside from his sellout on the domestic policy front, which I’ll leave to others to cavil about, on the civil liberties and foreign policy … Continue reading “Obama vs. the Left”

Joe Biden and the False Iraq War Narrative

In an interview on the PBS NewsHour last Wednesday, Joe Biden was unwilling to contradict the official narrative of the Iraq War that Gen. David Petraeus and the Bush surge had turned Iraq into a good war after all. That interview serves as a reminder of just how completely the Democratic Party foreign policy elite … Continue reading “Joe Biden and the False Iraq War Narrative”

Wednesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 22 Wounded

Today begins Operation New Dawn, the new U.S. mission In Iraq. Despite the end of “combat operations,” at least 10 Iraqis were killed and 22 more were wounded in the latest round of violence. Coincidentally, U.S. officials reported Iraq is planning to spend $13 billion on U.S. arms and military equipment.

Thursday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said he is wagering that sectarian violence will not surge after a massive reduction of U.S. combat troops next month. Ahead of that withdrawal, the violence continues. At least 34 Iraqis were killed and 60 more were wounded across the country. Security forces were targeted in several cities.

Israel vs. America: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

The brouhaha over what Hillary Clinton said was Israel’s calculated "insult" to the United States is escalating into what many characterize as a "crisis" in US-Israeli relations, a turning point in which the terms of the "special relationship" are about to undergo a major change. When Joe Biden berated his hosts for making the settlements … Continue reading “Israel vs. America: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”

US-Israeli Tensions Escalating Quickly

The crisis touched off by last week’s announcement of Israel’s plans to build 1,600 new homes for Jews in Arab East Jerusalem during a high-profile visit by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden appears to be escalating rapidly. Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to Washington and a historian who has written widely on ties between the two … Continue reading “US-Israeli Tensions Escalating Quickly”

The Poodle Gets Kicked

Actually, Joe set himself up. From the moment he set foot on Israeli soil, our vice president was in full pander mode. First, he headed to Yad Vashem memorial, where he put on a yarmulke and declared Israel “a central bolt in our existence.” “For world Jewry,” Joe went on, presumably including 5 million Americans, … Continue reading “The Poodle Gets Kicked”

Biden in Israel: Tiff or Tipping Point?

"Condemn" is not a word that rolls trippingly off the tongue of a U.S. politician addressing anything having to do with actions, however objectionable, by Israel. So it was no surprise that close observers of U.S. Middle East policy sat up a lot straighter in their seats when Vice President Joseph Biden used the word … Continue reading “Biden in Israel: Tiff or Tipping Point?”

Biden Brouhaha: Just a Matter of Bad Timing?

Some weeks the news is dominated by a single word. This week’s word was "timing." It’s all a matter of timing. The government of Israel insulted the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, one of the greatest "friends" of Israel (meaning: somebody totally subservient to AIPAC), and spat in the face of President … Continue reading “Biden Brouhaha: Just a Matter of Bad Timing?”