The Israeli-Jihadist Alliance

It’s seems counterintuitive, to say the least. Indeed, it seems quite mad. And yet we now have all the evidence we need to point to a de facto Israeli alliance with Al Qaeda. The bombing of Damascus suburbs by Israeli jets – purportedly in order to prevent the Syrians from supplying Hezbollah with long range … Continue reading “The Israeli-Jihadist Alliance”

Bedouins Prepare for Israel’s Expulsion Plan

Dozens of metal and wooden tents cling to the rocky hillside, just outside of Jerusalem along the road leading to the Dead Sea, while the unmistakable red roofs of Israeli settlements peak out from behind opposite hilltops. For 49-year-old Eid Hamis Jahalin, this quiet spot symbolises the potential centre of peace in the region, and … Continue reading “Bedouins Prepare for Israel’s Expulsion Plan”

Israel’s ‘Dove’ and Hawk in its War against Iran

It has been abundantly clear to those who closely follow the political developments in the Middle East that, for at least two decades, Israeli politics has been moving continuously toward extreme, reactionary right. The left, and the center-left represented by the Labor Party, have been marginalized, and the relatively moderate elements of the old Likud … Continue reading “Israel’s ‘Dove’ and Hawk in its War against Iran”

Palestinian Expulsions Mapped in Hebrew

Fireworks went off over the Tel Aviv skyline this week as thousands of flag-waving Israelis marked the 65th anniversary of their country’s founding. At the same time, a smaller group of Israeli activists explored the other, most often ignored, side to their country’s creation: the forced displaced of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Israeli group … Continue reading “Palestinian Expulsions Mapped in Hebrew”

Free Ticket to ‘Apartheid’: Israel’s Palestinian-Only Buses

“At least we are not treated like dogs and made to feel so uncomfortable,” Amjad Samara, 30, a labourer from Nablus in the northern West Bank told IPS as he and a group of Palestinians waited at the checkpoint near Qalqilia to cross into Israel for their day job. Samara was referring to the new … Continue reading “Free Ticket to ‘Apartheid’: Israel’s Palestinian-Only Buses”

Obama in Palestine: In Their Shoes

It started from the first moment. The President of the United States came to Ramallah. He visited the Mukata’a, the “compound” which serves as the office of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. One cannot enter the Mukata’a without noticing the grave of Yasser Arafat, just a few paces from the entrance. It … Continue reading “Obama in Palestine: In Their Shoes”

Obama’s Risky Middle East Fantasy

Had you searched for “Israel, nuclear weapons” at Google News in the wake of President Obama’s recent trip to the Middle East, you would have gotten a series of headlines like this: “Obama: Iran more than a year away from developing nuclear weapon” (CNN), “Obama vows to thwart Tehran’s nuclear drive” (the Times of Israel), … Continue reading “Obama’s Risky Middle East Fantasy”

After Bibi’s Apology, Reflect on the Idiocy of Attacking the Gaza Flotilla

So, finally our Prime Minister has apologized to Turkey for “operational mistakes” that “might have” led to the death of nine Turks during the attack on MV Mavi Marmara, the ship which tried to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza. It took him two years and ten months to do so. Hallelujah. But the real … Continue reading “After Bibi’s Apology, Reflect on the Idiocy of Attacking the Gaza Flotilla”

Will Budget ‘Cuts’ Impact US Aid to Israel?

Given the kind of society we have become – a country of whining spoiled brats who have been living above our means for years – every special interest group is up in arms over the alleged tragedy known as Sequestration. While these automatic across-the-board spending cuts are portrayed as nothing less than draconian by various … Continue reading “Will Budget ‘Cuts’ Impact US Aid to Israel?”

Obama at the Edge of a Cliff in Middle East

With Syria and Iran, President Barack Obama faces getting mired in two wars that could set the entire Middle East aflame, and perhaps the rest of the Islamic world, too. Such an outcome would be in part due to Mr. Obama’s Middle Eastern policy, and the willingness of the current United States Congress to support … Continue reading “Obama at the Edge of a Cliff in Middle East”