Bedouins Prepare for Israel’s Expulsion Plan

Dozens of metal and wooden tents cling to the rocky hillside, just outside of Jerusalem along the road leading to the Dead Sea, while the unmistakable red roofs of Israeli settlements peak out from behind opposite hilltops. For 49-year-old Eid Hamis Jahalin, this quiet spot symbolises the potential centre of peace in the region, and … Continue reading “Bedouins Prepare for Israel’s Expulsion Plan”

Palestinians Fight Unlawful Deportation

Hind Ibrahim Abeyat has spent most of her life separated from her father. “Every house in Palestine has something – someone in prison, a martyr,” the 19-year-old told IPS from her family home in Abeyat village, near Bethlehem. “For us, our father isn’t here. My friends ask me, ‘How can you live without your father?’” … Continue reading “Palestinians Fight Unlawful Deportation”

Palestinian Expulsions Mapped in Hebrew

Fireworks went off over the Tel Aviv skyline this week as thousands of flag-waving Israelis marked the 65th anniversary of their country’s founding. At the same time, a smaller group of Israeli activists explored the other, most often ignored, side to their country’s creation: the forced displaced of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Israeli group … Continue reading “Palestinian Expulsions Mapped in Hebrew”

Attacks on Gaza Unite Palestinians

HAIFA, NORTHERN ISRAEL — Dozens of Israeli tanks slowly made their way south on the back of flatbed trucks along Israel’s Road 6 highway Sunday. Emblazoned with Stars of David and Hebrew letters and carrying frayed Israeli flags, the movement of these tanks has left many believing that Israel will soon launch a large-scale ground … Continue reading “Attacks on Gaza Unite Palestinians”

Gazans Punished Again for Others’ Crimes

With more restrictions placed on the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, and access to the Palestinian territory’s smuggling tunnels increasingly blocked, human rights groups say Gaza’s 1.6 million residents are unfairly being punished for the attack on an Egyptian military base in Sinai. “Until now, there are no names of anybody from Gaza … Continue reading “Gazans Punished Again for Others’ Crimes”

Israel Walls Itself In

JERUSALEM – As Israel continues to build walls and fences along virtually each of its borders, analysts say the country’s isolationist policies and unwillingness to deal with the Palestinians and other Arab neighbors through anything other than forceful means spells disaster. "On the one hand we’re walling the Palestinians in but on the other hand if … Continue reading “Israel Walls Itself In”

European Airlines Silence Palestine Protest

JERUSALEM — As 60 percent of the international activists set to land at Ben Gurion airport Sunday had their plane tickets cancelled, organizers of the "Welcome to Palestine" fly-in campaign condemned what they say is European complicity in Israel’s illegal restrictions on their right to travel freely. "It’s a sign of capitulation and obedience to … Continue reading “European Airlines Silence Palestine Protest”

Palestinians Won’t Learn Israeli Lessons

EAST JERUSALEM — Widespread strikes across Palestinian civil society could be in store for East Jerusalem at the start of the next school year, as the municipality moves ahead with its current plan to implement an Israeli curriculum in Palestinian schools. “I expect that the beginning of the new school year will not be a … Continue reading “Palestinians Won’t Learn Israeli Lessons”

Worse by the Day in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – As thousands of right-wing Israeli settlers descended on Jerusalem to celebrate the so-called unification of the city this week, Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem were confronted by extreme provocations and the stark reality that their city remains very much divided. "My shop was broken into a couple of times, a few times, when … Continue reading “Worse by the Day in Jerusalem”