Trump Stumps for ISIS

Since ISIS rose to conquest in Syria and Iraq, then turning its deadly attention westward, it (with the help of its government and media accomplices) has unleashed a fresh flood of terror, which the people of the West have, unresisting, let wash over them. In America, Donald Trump has tapped that terror to fuel the … Continue reading “Trump Stumps for ISIS”

They Sow the Cyclone – We Reap the Blowback

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” — Hosea 8:7 It may be surprising to hear, but it is a plain historical fact that modern international jihad originated as an instrument of US foreign policy. The “great menace of our era” was built up by the CIA to wage a proxy war … Continue reading “They Sow the Cyclone – We Reap the Blowback”

Stop Helping ISIS in Its War on the ‘Gray Zone’

What were Islamist terrorists trying to accomplish when they attacked Paris on Friday, killing over 120 French civilians? A growing number of analysts now agree with Juan Cole’s theory about the extremists’ strategy in France, which he raised after the the Charlie Hebdo attacks, writing: “The problem for a terrorist group like al-Qaeda is that its … Continue reading “Stop Helping ISIS in Its War on the ‘Gray Zone’”

When War Hawks Coo Like Doves

Disastrous policies often raise the question of whether the policy makers at fault are stupid or evil. The scales tips toward malevolence whenever the guilty parties evince a basic grasp of the reasons why their schemes are calamitous. For example, Washington’s Syria policy has been a slow motion train wreck. And the “train engineers” keep … Continue reading “When War Hawks Coo Like Doves”

Where Does ISIS Get Those Wonderful Toys?

In the 1989 film Batman, after the caped crusader rescues a damsel in distress from the Joker using a fancy zipline gun, the clown prince of crime, played by Jack Nicholson, asks in bewilderment: “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” Especially upon seeing Batman’s nicest toys — his armored Batmobile and his military-grade Batwing fighter plane, … Continue reading “Where Does ISIS Get Those Wonderful Toys?”