Friday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 23 Wounded

Updated at 8:00 p.m. EST, Nov. 12, 2010 At least one Iraqi was killed and 23 more wounded in new attacks. A number of the attacks occurred yesterday but went unreported until today or late last night. Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed a new Iraqi government that is already seeing its first conflict. Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, whose Iraqiya party won the largest number of seats in March elections, called the new Iraqi government a “dictatorship.”

Monday: 26 Iraqis, 11 Iranians Killed; 69 Iraqis, 61 Iranians Wounded

Update at 9:01 p.m EST, Nov. 8, 2010 At least 40 people were killed and 130 more were wounded in new violence across Iraq. Two of the deadliest attacks targeted Shi’ite pilgrims near Iraq’s holiest sites. Although figures are inexact, at least 11 Iranian pilgrims were killed and as many as 63 were wounded in those cities alone. The pilgrims were visiting holy sites in Iraq just a week before the Eid al-Adha holiday begins. Meanwhile, Iraqi politicians met in Arbil where they were to have announced a deadlock-breaking deal concerning government formation, but instead bickered over the details until they ultimately agreed to continue discussions tomorrow.

Tuesday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded

At least 11 Iraqis were killed and 25 more were wounded as coverage of attacks resumed in the media. The parliamentary stalemate dominated the headlines, along with oil and Kurdish concerns, but the most significant story of the day came from the United Kingdom where an inquiry into the causes of the Iraq War continues to embarrass the war hawks.