Who Was Behind the Delhi Bombing?

The magnet bomb that exploded on an Israeli Embassy diplomat’s car in Delhi on February 13 seemed on the surface to be consistent with an Iranian-sponsored action.  It was carried out with same method by which Israel’s Iranian proxy, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, had assassinated an Iranian scientist in mid-January. It occurred on the anniversary of … Continue reading “Who Was Behind the Delhi Bombing?”

A New Season in Military Fashions

President Barack Obama has promised a fundamental review of American policy towards Afghanistan this December. In the meantime, his decision seems compromised by the continuing military and civilian “surge” to Afghanistan  ordered soon after Obama took office in 2008. The Pentagon is constructing bases for the new arrivals on a giant scale with all the … Continue reading “A New Season in Military Fashions”

Obama’s Nuclear-Weapons Conference Fatally Flawed Before It Began

The meeting on nuclear security convoked by Barack Obama this week was meant to prevent nuclear proliferation. This is a worthy cause, but – while I am writing before the meeting closes – I would assume that it will at best produce empty promises, as the meeting itself is fatally flawed. Its conceptual basis is … Continue reading “Obama’s Nuclear-Weapons Conference Fatally Flawed Before It Began”

‘Lost Tribe’ on Fast Track to Israel

The Israeli government is reported to have quietly approved the fast-track immigration of 7,000 members of a supposedly “lost Jewish” tribe, known as the Bnei Menashe, currently living in a remote area of India.  Under the plan, the “lost Jews” would be brought to Israel over the next two years by right-wing and religious organizations … Continue reading “‘Lost Tribe’ on Fast Track to Israel”