Boris’s Blunder

Serbia’s Srebrenica Resolution Late in the evening on March 30, while the attention of most Serbians was on a major basketball game, the Serbian parliament passed a resolution condemning and apologizing for the "Srebrenica massacre." Nearly three months in the works, the resolution was officially supposed to contribute to truth and reconciliation in the Balkans, … Continue reading “Boris’s Blunder”

Richard Holbrooke: Bulldozer Stuck in the Mud

Strobe Talbott once called Richard Holbrooke the "diplomatic equivalent of a hydrogen bomb." Oh, the many ways we could interpret that today. When Talbott, Bill Clinton’s deputy secretary of state and a friend of Holbrooke, made that comment to the New York Times in February 2009, Holbrooke was riding a wave of fairly breathless publicity … Continue reading “Richard Holbrooke: Bulldozer Stuck in the Mud”

Spies, Lies, and Fear

The Bosnian "Threat" to Empire Bosnia was in the headlines again this week. On Monday, police from both the Serb Republic and the Muslim-Croat Federation raided a Wahhabi village in the north of the country. And on Tuesday, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair spoke of Bosnia as one of the "principal challenges to … Continue reading “Spies, Lies, and Fear”