Tell the Truth Already!

“Dismounted complex blast injuries” caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Afghanistan are felling our soldiers and Marines so frequently today that men are routinely banking their sperm as another item on the checklist before they deploy for the war. They’re doing that because a dismounted complex blast injury — now being called the “new … Continue reading “Tell the Truth Already!”

Lemmingly, We Roll Along

When soldiers die, the politicians who sent them to their deaths typically use euphemisms and circumlocutions — like “lost,” “fallen,” or “ultimate sacrifice.” On one level, the avoidance of blunt language can be seen as a sign of respect, but on another, it is just one more evasion of responsibility for the snuffing out of … Continue reading “Lemmingly, We Roll Along”

They Died in Vain; Deal With It

Many of those preaching at American church services Sunday extolled as “heroes” the 30 American and 8 Afghan troops killed Saturday west of Kabul, when a helicopter on a night mission crashed, apparently after taking fire from Taliban forces. This week, the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) can be expected to beat a steady drumbeat of … Continue reading “They Died in Vain; Deal With It”

Thursday: 45 Iraqis, 1 American Contractor Killed; 112 Iraqis Wounded

Bombs killed and wounded dozens in Shi’ite neighborhoods of Baghdad where violence also left one American dead and another injured. Shi’ite pilgrims, who are making their way to a Baghdad shrine to commemorate the death of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, were the likely targets. Overall, at least 45 Iraqis were killed and 112 more were wounded.

Monday: 2 US Soldiers, 13 Iraqis Killed; 32 Iraqis Wounded

The first two American deaths of 2011 occurred during combat in just one of several attacks on American targets in the last 24 hours. Although the circumstances of the attack were not revealed, their deaths coincided with several assassinations in the capital. One of today’s victims had survived a deadly siege at a Christian church last year. The only other reported attack resulting in casualties occurred just northeast of Baghdad in Baquba. Altogether, at least 13 Iraqis were killed and 32 more were wounded.

More Lives Lost in Vain

During the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson and the military argued that we had to win in order to prevent communism from taking over other nations in the vicinity, the so-called domino theory. The military asserted repeatedly that provided we sent over more troops, they could win the war. They also argued that we needed … Continue reading “More Lives Lost in Vain”