Tuesday: 2 U.S. Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 40 Iraqis Wounded

At least 21 Iraqis were killed and 40 more were wounded in attack mostly against government targets. Two U.S. soldiers were killed during operations in southern Iraq. Also, Iraqis are preparing themselves for a post-U.S. future by loading up on arms. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says he will reduce the size of the government, a plan his critics will likely see as more power consolidation for Maliki.

Saturday: 3 US Soldiers, 2 Iraqis Killed; 6 Iraqis Wounded

Three U.S. soldiers were killed in two separate events. Iraqi soldiers allegedly staged one of the attacks. The other was also hostile. At least two Iraqis were killed six others were wounded, almost all in Baghdad. Also, the Syrian premier is in Iraq in an attempt to improve ties, and the bid received a positive reception from the Iraqi parliament.

Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 12 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 5:50 p.m. EDT, Oct. 27, 2010 Tariq Aziz remained the focus of news as his death sentence, considered unfair by many, could further stall the process of government formation, the number two story in Iraq today. The two topics overshadowed a return of Tony Blair to the Chilcot inquiry and a possible delay in the national census. At least 12 Iraqis were killed in new violence. Another 33 were wounded. Also, a sniper wounded a U.S. soldier in Amara, and the Dept. of Defense announced the non-combat death of a U.S. soldier three days ago in Baghdad.