War Guilt in the Middle East

This originally appeared in Left and Right, Spring-Autumn 1967. The trouble with sectarians, whether they be libertarians, Marxists, or world-governmentalists, is that they tend to rest content with the root cause of any problem and never bother themselves with the more detailed or proximate causes. The best, and almost ludicrous, example of blind, unintelligent sectarianism … Continue reading “War Guilt in the Middle East”

Navy Vet Who Foiled Israeli Attack Honored

What’s the difference between murder and massacre? The answer is Terry Halbardier, whose bravery and ingenuity as a 23-year-old Navy seaman spelled the difference between the murder of 34 of the USS Liberty crew and the intended massacre of all 294. The date was June 8, 1967; for the families of the 34 murdered and … Continue reading “Navy Vet Who Foiled Israeli Attack Honored”