U.S. Wades Into More Imperial Outposts

U.S. Wades Into More Imperial OutpostsWell, let’s see. The Brits have declared "Operation Snipe" (if nothing else you have to acknowledge a certain understated Brit sense of humor there), the latest two-week effort to round up al Qaida remnants, to be successfully completed. From the news reports there’s little evidence that the operation accomplished much … Continue reading “U.S. Wades Into More Imperial Outposts”

The Fearmongers

Although Warren Buffet gets first prize for the most irresponsible statement by a public figure in recent days – for saying that a future nuclear attack on the United States is “a virtual certainty” – Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida) comes in a close second. According to Graham, members of Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based “Party of God,” … Continue reading “The Fearmongers”

Gibraltar: It’s Ours, and We’re Keeping It

If justice were a more common habit, then Jack Straw would have been lynched on his recent visit to Gibraltar. The Foreign Secretary would have been left dangling from the end of one of the colony’s ornate lampposts, Barbary Apes gleefully swinging from his lifeless limbs, with some one iconic image winging its way round … Continue reading “Gibraltar: It’s Ours, and We’re Keeping It”

Happy Mother’s Day…But Quiet, We’re at War Now

Happy Mother’s Day! Today Mom becomes "Queen for a Day," like the name of that old TV show. Newspaper and TV ad sales will soar and florists and department stores will be bless whoever dreamed up the holiday. To them, the Day means Sales! To the rest of us it stands for nothing more than … Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day…But Quiet, We’re at War Now”

There’s a Better Target than Iraq

The Bush administration appears to be gearing up for an all-out attack on Iraq – because George Bush has said "I made up my mind that Saddam needs to go." The politicians justify this invasion of another nation with all sorts of reasons – such as Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, his supposed possession of "weapons … Continue reading “There’s a Better Target than Iraq”

With Neighbors Like These

They raise their children to hate. That’s what we’re told about the Palestinians. Watch the TV news. Listen to the radio. Pick up the dramatic US news magazines. Ask the intellectuals and the political pundits. Palestinian mothers willingly sacrifice their own children to the cause. In school, the teachers reinforce the hatred the children learn … Continue reading “With Neighbors Like These”

Images Worth a Thousand Lies

Given the pervasiveness of mass entertainment in the United States, and the dominance of US-made entertainment in the world markets, one should not underestimate the impact American popular culture has on world events. History may be written by government-paid scholars and crooked journalists, but its vastly simplified form is burned into the minds of the … Continue reading “Images Worth a Thousand Lies”

Statement in Support of a Balanced Approach to the Middle East Peace Process

The following is Congressman Paul’s remarks against the pro-Israel resolution passed overwhelmingly on Friday by Congress. This legislation could not have come at a worse time in the ongoing Middle East crisis. Just when we have seen some positive signs that the two sides may return to negotiations toward a peaceful settlement, Congress has jumped … Continue reading “Statement in Support of a Balanced Approach to the Middle East Peace Process”

Assassins of Liberty

National Review Online‘s Rod Dreher starts out his column on the meaning of the Fortuyn assassination with a caveat: "We will not be able to gauge the full impact of Pim Fortuyn’s murder on European politics until we know who killed him, and why." Well, I’ve settled the first question, thanks be to Google: the … Continue reading “Assassins of Liberty”

Global Interventionism: The Price We Pay

As Justin completes his upcoming book on Murray Rothbard, we present a Classic Raimondo piece from last year. July 28, 1999While the United States government is touting the so-called Clinton Doctrine, which projects American power all over the world in the name of “human rights,” the right of Americans to feel safe in their own … Continue reading “Global Interventionism: The Price We Pay”