Disdain and Doubt Over Shock and Awe

In China, the War in Iraq is getting unprecedented media coverage. But are the Chinese watching the same war? While CNN and other western-based media outlets put their own particular spin on the war in this, the fourth day of the American invasion of Iraq, they generally agree on that victory for America is at … Continue reading “Disdain and Doubt Over Shock and Awe”

Reality Discredits the Chickenhawks

It looks as if it’s going to be a real war, not a video game, a TV "reality" show or a cakewalk. The apparent setbacks to the American battle plans over the weekend might well turn out to be less strategically significant than some would make them out to be. But they have demonstrated, as … Continue reading “Reality Discredits the Chickenhawks”

A No-Winner

Up until Saturday our “embedded” media was projecting images of Iraqis dancing in the desert, delirious with joy at the arrival of their “liberators,” but by Sunday morning the edges were already beginning to fray around the official story of a near-seamless “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” The U.S. media kept showing feel-good agit-prop as long as … Continue reading “A No-Winner”

A Guest Column from National Review

[Editor’s note: Matt Barganier was too shocked and awed by events in Iraq to write this week’s column. In deference to the War Party’s superior gravitas, he decided to let some of his favorite militarists use the Collateral Damage space as a forum this morning. Unfortunately, CNBC’s Kudlow and Cramer were busy, so he had … Continue reading “A Guest Column from National Review

From the Front…of an Antiwar Rally

As Antiwar.com’s Student Coordinator, I have spent the last nine months helping students across the country find speakers and direct them to local activist events. When I receive emails that ask “What can I do?” I tend not to reply: “Run out in the streets and protest.” Rather, I first recommend a less vocal approach: … Continue reading “From the Front…of an Antiwar Rally”

Bluff and Bluster

The much-anticipated "shock and awe" strategy breathlessly awaited by our image-hungry media has somehow morphed into a war of bluff and bluster. Instead of launching an all-out military assault, the U.S. military strategy is, at least initially, a political assault by the U.S. on the Iraqi leadership. The first sign of military action was a … Continue reading “Bluff and Bluster”