It was a performance worthy of . . . well, of Slobodan Milosevic. The former Serbian strongman, now a prisoner at The Hague, swaggered into the courtroom and refused to cop a plea. Instead, he grandstanded, playing to an imaginary crowd back in Belgrade, in effect refusing to defend either himself or his people. When … Continue reading “MILOSEVIC’S MARTYRDOM”

More Confusion Than Closure at The Hague

Slobodan Milosevic has challenged the legitimacy of the international war-crimes tribunal at The Hague that now has him in custody, on rather narrow grounds. The tribunal’s legitimacy could form the basis of an interesting discussion, but it’s a bit beside the point. The tribunal has no particular legal standing, but it has power, the ability … Continue reading “More Confusion Than Closure at The Hague”

Sailing Towards World Significance

Last Tuesday, June 25th, marked the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese from Beijing to Kashgar put on their finest slacks and ties, spent extra money at the barber shop and went to the local danwei recreation center to sing songs of praise. I was watching the most recent music … Continue reading “Sailing Towards World Significance”


I could hardly believe my eyes. Reading an Associated Press story, “Racak Witness Prepares Testimony,” by Colleen Barry, I wondered: ‘Are they really going to haul out that long-since discredited story – again? <<Sigh>> I knew, the moment news of Slobodan Milosevic’s kidnapping hit the wires, that this show trial was going to be a … Continue reading “‘THE TRIAL’”

Testing Government Reliability

The current Condition Delta global alert against terrorist threats called by the United States government last Friday because of allegedly credible threats from "Saudi millionaire" (as he’s always described) Osama Bin Laden’s organization could give us preliminary answers to an unsettling question. Is the U.S. government or the militant Taliban regime in Afghanistan closer to … Continue reading “Testing Government Reliability”


This year has been set aside by the Powers That Be for a “celebration” of America’s role in World War II: America’s political and cultural elites are looking back on that historical moment, sixty years later, with unabashed nostalgia. It was the necessary prelude to yet another “unipolar moment,” as Charles Krauthammer describes the present … Continue reading “FDR UNMASKED”


The sixtieth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into World War II has a special significance for the War Party, and particularly for its liberal-left wing. The veritable storm of memorials, movies, documentaries, books, articles, and ceremonies is designed to inculcate, in the public mind, the official mythology of the … Continue reading “LIVING IN INFAMY”


With the end of the cold war, and the implosion of the old Commie empire, there has been a reversal in polarities on the foreign policy question: the Right, formerly aggressive, militaristic, and rabidly interventionist, has done an about-face, and is now the first to question the rationale behind overseas meddling. The Left, which once … Continue reading “BUSH PLAYS THE RUSSIAN CARD”